Aaron who?

29 Mar

Today is the holiest of the year for non-Orthodox Christians. Millions will pay tribute to a man they say was the Son of God, sent to earth in human form to preach and work miracles then go as foretold to … Read More »

Russia and the art of war

27 Mar

It’s been my consistent assertion since February 2022 that the West, its deeply unimpressive leaders more beholden to equally poor leaders in Washington than to their own citizens, set out to goad Russia into its military operation in Ukraine. No … Read More »

Jeffrey Sachs meets Piers Morgan

26 Mar

Screenshot for the YouTube interview, linked below I’ll start with a claim I seldom make, on account of its bad salesmanship. Those familiar with my site and others of similar stripe won’t find anything new in this interview; not of … Read More »

Let the Sunshine in!

19 Mar

A case can be made for saying Jennifer Warnes, the man’s backing vocalist from the beginning, almost singlehandedly revived the flagging career of a rock-poet already – in 1987 – in his 50s but whose greatest work lay still ahead. … Read More »