Yemen, and empire’s moral inversions

16 Jan

Here’s your exam question for today. Afghanistan, China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Yemen …  how many countries have these states invaded, bombed, starved with homicidal sanctions or occupied against the wishes of their lawful governments? Finished writing? OK, put down … Read More »

Today at the Hague

11 Jan

Spent much of this afternoon watching live SABC (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation) TV as the SA lawyers made their case at the Hague of Israeli genocide in Gaza. First came Adila Hassim, setting out in chilling detail an abundance of … Read More »

Caitlin on voluntary migration

2 Jan

Is there a George Orwell Award for Most Disgusting and Intelligence-Insulting Euphemism of the Century? In the face of stiff competition from such as workforce flexibility  and enhanced interrogation, if I were on its shortlisting panel I’d be giving serious … Read More »