The waterfall at Bimla

6 Oct

We’ve been on the road an hour, Pappu driving, me riding pillion on his Yamaha. The road, dire as we passed through the industrial estate and nondescript suburbs on the southern outskirts of Bundi, actually improved as we left town … Read More »

Miko’s birthday

4 Oct

Miko will be fifteen tomorrow though he doesn’t look it. “Ask my mother!” he cries indignantly when I voice my doubt. I might at that, but first I need to get off the street and put some food inside me. … Read More »


3 Oct

Khan Khalil was a frequent companion in Udaipur. We hung out in chai shops. He showed me the countryside: me in the back of his tuk-tuk when road quality and gentleness of incline allowed, riding pillion on his Honda Hero … Read More »


2 Oct

By the lane leading sharply up to Bundi’s Taragarh Fort, a large mesh basket houses a dozen or so rough sticks. I know why they are there. I know too that the man who cut them charges a few rupees … Read More »

Udaipur in pictures

25 Sep

The Little Prince Restaurant sits on a terrace overlooking the Ahar River as it enters Lake Picholo from the east. Here I sit, just hours after arriving in Udaipur at dawn on the 23:00 night bus from Jaipur. The two cities are … Read More »