Study the stats and stay alive!

10 Dec

Get rid of your lawnmower and from now on sleep on the floor. Avoid bus routes like the plague and do steer clear of toddlers and Americans unless you’ve seen them frisked and disarmed by a professional. Quietly dissociate yourself from that bunch of Jihadists you’ve been hanging out with. Stay indoors in thundery weather.


2 Replies to “Study the stats and stay alive!

  1. As a member of the reality based community trying to operate in a post truth environment you do realise that the presentation of evidence based facts outside of the context of officially sanctioned corporate media information will at some point earmark this blog site as a blacklisted, non patriotic, Jihadist friendly puppet peddler of mass manufactured Russian Fake News.

    At which point you will be invited to voluntarily throw yourself onto the nearest spiked railings for the security of the Corporate Congress.

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