Nordstrom: the comedy continues

8 Mar

With regard to the reports in the [New York] Times and [Washington] Post, the notion that a massive, highly-sophisticated international undersea terror attack simultaneously destroying four separate pipelines would have been launched by Ukrainians operating from Germany without the knowledge of … Read More »

Stop the War NOW!

17 Feb

I have my differences with those who, while sharing my view that blame for the Ukraine War lies with Washington, say the Kremlin is also culpable. For reasons given many times before and after February 24, 2022 – here for … Read More »

Ukraine take 6 – Seymour Hersh

11 Feb

The West having de-industrialised, its ruling classes are dependent on super profits from the exploitation of cheap labour in the global south and from their highly financialised domestic economies. Both are threatened by a renascent China and Russia; respectively, Wall … Read More »