Borrowdale at year’s end, 2016

31 Dec

Skiddaw from Keswick, mid morning on Thursday, December 29.   Skiddaw and Keswick, from Hope Park.   Skiddaw and Hope Park from a Derwentwater jetty.   From Hope Park, looking south-west across Derwentwater to Cat Bells (left), Grisedale Pike (right) … Read More »

Study the stats and stay alive!

10 Dec

Get rid of your lawnmower and from now on sleep on the floor. Avoid bus routes like the plague and do steer clear of toddlers and Americans unless you’ve seen them frisked and disarmed by a professional. Quietly dissociate yourself … Read More »

Amazon complacent on fraud

3 Dec

What’s odd about this Amazon screen? The first two prices are unrealistically high given that the 7D Mark II sells for less, and Mark I prices have fallen below £1,000. But that’s not the issue here. The real joker is … Read More »

Thus Spake The Donald

3 Dec

I’ll zoom in on Trump as we get closer to January 20 and there’s more hard info as opposed to the rumours rife on social media, where hard core Clintonites still pour out their sorrow. But let’s take a quick … Read More »

Assad winning in Syria

30 Nov

The best thing – which given the two appalling candidates means the least worst thing – about Clinton’s defeat on November 8 is the receding threat of her No Fly Zone for Syria. Let’s spell this out. In its self … Read More »

Coping with opposition

19 Nov

Syria .. Putin .. Brexit .. Corbyn .. climate change .. Trump. What have they in common? All are issues on which most of us have opinions we imagine we arrived at ourselves. But didn’t Asch and Milgram show how … Read More »