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16 May

G’day world! I’ve been quoting Caitlin Johnstone so often of late that the steel city keyboard’s picked up an Ozzie twang. Fair dinkum though. She’ll be right, mate.

I’ve said nothing of Shireeen Abu Akleh, the 51-year-old Palestinian-American of whom, thanks as much to her dual nationality as to an IDF bullet to her head, the world beyond the Palestine-watching fraternity now knows. Nor of the IDF thugs who showed up at her funeral to crack the skulls of her mourners.

That’s because I’ve little to add to what many others – not just the Caitlins and Intercepts and Al-Jazeeras but the Guardians, Economists and CNNs too – have said.

Other, that is, than to point out precisely why those who rule the west will continue to back the apartheid state, albeit with the occasional show of tough love admonishment, no matter how much its odious stench embarrasses them. See Israel: a Beachhead in the Middle East.

But my silence is also because I’m a typical bloke. I don’t do multi-tasking well, and I’ve more than enough on my plate with a slithery slope to World War Three. This will be my last post for a few days since I’m off wild camping, on foot for a change, to check out canoe possibilities in East Sussex and West Kent, and still have much to do before I hop on my London bound coach for the first leg. So I’ll keep this simple.

Long sentence alert: as global celebs like the virtue signalling, tax-dodging Bono, and Bette “I’ll-pay-a-bit-more-for-my-gas-to-help-Ukraine” Midler take to the airwaves to do what Caitlin rightly called “the safest, most redundant and least courageous thing anyone can do”  –  i.e. lead the Western world in one more round of the Zelensky-Good-Putin-Baad  Chorus – and as the collective darlings of the Democrat “left” vote without exception to pour tens of billions more into prolonging Ukraine’s and Russia’s ordeal and thereby ensure on the one hand many more deaths, maimings and population displacements, on the other booming stock prices not just for Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Norththrop Grumman et al  – see footnote 1 to Starmer, Nato and the death of truth – but for the Silicon Valley behemoths, like Google and Amazon, doing their own highly lucrative bit to support the US permanent war effort, let’s not lose sight of the fact of Uncle Sam, with Europe following with greater or lesser enthusiasm in his lethally chaotic footsteps, wanting this war to go on and on and on.


PS – do tune into the Michael Hudson piece I posted two days ago.

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