Good news from Syria!

18 Aug

Syria will be a long time mending after its near death ordeal at the hands of Western backed terror depicted, with breathtaking but largely successful deceit, as humanitarian intervention to remove a bloodthirsty tyrant. Nevertheless, good news is beginning to … Read More »

The economics of imperialism

17 Aug

this post also features in off-guardian The most important book I’ve read in years is John Smith’s Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: Globalization, Super-Exploitation and Capitalism’s Final Crisis. Here’s an abridged extract from its opening words: The collapse of Rana … Read More »

Thinking about Venezuela

12 Aug

this post also features in off-guardian, sparking lively debate One reason Maduro is despised by the opposition is he refuses to follow the neoliberal economic prescription of austerity, privatization, deregulation, etc. Such refusal makes Venezuela almost unique in Latin America … Read More »

The extreme centre

4 Aug

Tariq Ali was bang on the nail with this term.¬†Does it ever occur to those who deem themselves balanced of view, and well informed – while pitying the poor saps in such as China and Russia where they have, you … Read More »

Burbage rocks today

4 Aug

There are still plenty of photography situations where there’s no getting round the need for SLR camera, filters, lights and above all high quality optics. But if you ask me, those situations are growing fewer and further between. Or is … Read More »