Nikki Haley walks out

15 Oct

No, this isn’t “US embarrassment” Nikki Haley quitting her role as US ambassador to the UN, ahead of an expenses probe. It’s US embarrassment Nikki Haley – who on her resignation last week was thanked by the IDF for “unwavering … Read More »

Fishgirl rising

12 Oct

Given my denunciations of the Guardian, and preference for other sources  – OffGuardian, CounterPunch, the Canary, Al-Monitor, Russia Today, Strategic Culture; the Economist even – when seeking to triangulate on what is happening out there, you may look askance at my … Read More »

Tales from the Revolving Door

10 Oct

The Climate Changer. Meet Joe Manchin, self described as “just a good old West Virginia boy”. And a very rich one at that. Says Kenneth Surin, writing today in CounterPunch: Manchin has made more than $5 million in in profits … Read More »

Steel City Garden of Rest

10 Oct

Also known as Sheffield’s General Cemetery, is nine acres of woodland and curving pathway, grassland, graves and terraced catacombs spilling northward and down from Cemetery Road, with the old snuff mill and Frog Walk to the left, to the grand … Read More »

More autumn leaves

9 Oct

  I write so much on the insanity and venality of the world, yet life is full of endless beauty. I think it the hardest thing to hold, in the same breath, taking in both and overlooking neither, life’s vast … Read More »

May 1926 – a resounding success!

3 Oct

Incisive, evidence based reasoning was never Guardian writer Anne Perkins’ strong suit. Does anyone recall her argument when, with colleagues talking up all and any challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, the talentless Angela Eagle – parachuted into Wallasey by right wing … Read More »