Is my team ploughing?

24 Nov

I don’t suppose this an original thought – what’s so great about originality anyway? – but today it occurred to me that melancholia is a vital part of the human experience, perhaps of Life itself. Those muddy fields by the … Read More »

Attenborough today

10 Nov

Mostly the weather has been wet, exceedingly so, but today was sparkling bright. With Jasper I took these in Attenborough this afternoon. The band of duckweed on the far edge of this sheet of water marks the normal course of … Read More »

Wildlife at Wollaton

11 Oct

On one of those sunlit days with an autumnal bite of the kind October in Britain specialises in, I walked with Jasper in Wollaton Park. Passing through the heavy wooden side gate set into the old brick wall on the … Read More »