Jonathan Cook on a myopic Monbiot

4 Dec

Journalists who know what’s good for them please editors, while editors who know what’s good for them please proprietors. Proprietors not only crave honours and seats at the high table. They also need advertisers and, in the case of the … Read More »

Guardian to Julian: may I help you?

30 Nov

Two days ago the Guardian and four other liberal newspapers published a joint letter which began: Publishing is not a crime: The US government should end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets. Twelve years ago, on November 28th 2010, our five international … Read More »

Cheerleading for WW3

24 Nov

Have you noticed how folk with zero military experience have an uncanny knack for being front of the queue in promoting wars for others to fight? Last night I checked the profile of historian and Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash. … Read More »