14 Aug

If Notre Dame deserves a minute of silence, Syria deserves the world to shut up forever

Russiagate as Organised Distraction

2 Aug

Thanks to Piers Robinson for posting a FB link to this admirably lucid piece by Dubliner Oliver Boyd-Barrett. Professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University, Boyd-Barrett is is author of“RussiaGate and Propaganda: Disinformation in the Age of Social Media”. Writing … Read More »

Pity the nation

2 Aug

Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds… Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists and those who prey on the … Read More »

This cabinet of horrors …

29 Jul

… is pursuing class war. CounterFire today: Boris Johnson’s expected stint as British prime minister began with a brutal cull of those within his own party who dared to oppose him. They have been replaced by a cabinet of horrors … Read More »

The man who planted trees

28 Jul

Jean Giono’s The Man Who Planted Trees tells of a shepherd’s single-handed effort to re-forest a desolate valley in the Alpine foothills of Provence in the early 20th century. If you haven’t read it, and lingered over illustrator Michael McCurdy’s … Read More »