Ukraine and the fall of the US Empire

9 Jul

The ferocity of the confrontation in Ukraine shows that we’re talking about much more than the fate of the regime in Kiev. The architecture of the entire world order is at stake.” Sergei Naryshkin, Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence. The … Read More »

After Boris Johnson, what next?

6 Jul

. Schadenfreude can be delightful, but the pleasures do tend to be short-lived. Few likely to read this will shed any tears over the serial liar for now still in residence at London’s 10 Downing St. But while his latest … Read More »

Getting real about Ukraine

27 Jun

I won’t be saying much in this post; rather, handing over to others. Followers of this site over the past four to six months know of my insistence that it’s just plain stupid to suppose that Ukraine coverage by corporate … Read More »

The invisibility of empire

25 Jun

Modern imperialism, as distinct from direct rule colonialism, is defined by the export of monopoly capital from global north to global south, and repatriation of profits from south to north. This later form of exploitation came to prominence in the … Read More »