Gary Lineker? Or H.M. Loyal Opposition?

11 Mar

Guardian writer and former Independent editor Archie Bland today says: Linekerology is only prominent because, even if you think his comparison of Suella Braverman’s rhetoric to that emanating from Germany in the 1930s is excessive … (Not sure I do, … Read More »

Only connect …

10 Mar

On his blog yesterday, commenting on the Gary Lineker brouhaha, Professor Richard Murphy notes correctly that: We live in a surreal world where calling out fascists is, apparently, much worse than being a fascist. ​To which my reply, currently awaiting moderation​, … Read More »

Nordstrom: the comedy continues

8 Mar

With regard to the reports in the [New York] Times and [Washington] Post, the notion that a massive, highly-sophisticated international undersea terror attack simultaneously destroying four separate pipelines would have been launched by Ukrainians operating from Germany without the knowledge of … Read More »