Media double standards over Ukraine

6 Mar

Our media are large corporations selling privileged audiences to other large corporations. Now the question is, what pictures of the world would a rational person expect from this arrangement? Noam Chomsky . I often use the term, propaganda blitz, in reference … Read More »

Ukraine: the elephants in the room

24 Feb

The Economist today, February 25, 2022: … on a gloomy grey morning on February 24th, the onslaught against Ukraine ordered by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, had acquired a sickening inevitability. Yet nothing about this war was inevitable. It is a conflict … Read More »

Russia Today

24 Feb

RT published the following at 12:55 today, February 24. Putin will decide when Ukraine offensive ends – Kremlin Russian military action is the prerogative of the president, who makes the calls on its goals and terms, Kremlin said. Russia’s President … Read More »

Kiev shelled: Zelensky calls martial law

24 Feb

Clara Weiss, on the World Socialist Website today, February 24. After Russia announces “special military operation” in Ukraine, Biden declares US will “hold Russia accountable” At 5:50 a.m. Moscow time on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated a “special military … Read More »