Irony detectors need not apply

19 Jan

Nor does the irony end here. That tireless crusader for workers’ rights and social justice, the Mail, weighed  in with this piece: Oh the irony! Fight Against Slavery advertises for ‘volunteer unpaid’ staff to work for FREE and ‘join the … Read More »

Red Poppies in Moffat

13 Nov

Remembrance Day in Moffat. To paraphrase Putin’s comment on the Soviet Union: anyone who fails to see that Britain’s wars – from WW1 to Syria – have been created by and/or pursued in the interests of Profit has no understanding. … Read More »

The Sales of Justice

14 Aug

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to the rightward drift of once liberal media. NEC – National Executive Committee of the Labour Party …  PLP – Parliamentary Labour Party, i.e. Labour MPs … Members – rank and file Labour Party … Read More »

Blowback and Labour’s civil war

26 Jul

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to the  rightward drift of once liberal media Millionaire Labour donor Michael Foster wants to reverse the NEC decision and seeks a [high court] declaration that, under Labour party … Read More »

Corbyn kicks off in Salford

24 Jul

The Lowry Hall, Salford, where on Saturday Jeremy launched his campaign for a leadership he should not, ten months after securing the biggest mandate in the Party’s history, have had to defend. Labour now has more members – half a … Read More »