I’ll take seriously …

5 Nov

… those who say she is the lesser evil since he is misogynist when they look me in the eye to tell me millions of women, their lives disproportionately blighted by her warmongering, aren’t relevant to that debate. Ditto the … Read More »

Who’s this?

4 Nov

See Joe Clifford’s piece in Off-Guardian today … She backed the war that laid Iraq to waste to the enrichment of Wall Street, the huge US arms industry and senior politicians. She backed the military overthrow of the elected government … Read More »

Perilous days

3 Sep

In a Sputnik article last month, replicated in the excellent Off-Guardian, Pepe Escobar gives a useful appraisal of the conflicting interests of China and the USA in the South China Sea. It’s a well informed piece and I recommend it, though … Read More »

Hillary Clinton: a letter to America

3 Aug

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to the rightward drift of once liberal media. I’ve seen numerous FB posts by liberal American friends saying it’s vital to back Hillary. It isn’t, and I’ve Facebooked several … Read More »

The Clintons: just follow the money

29 Jul

The first is poppycock – check out her record – the second specious, though Sanders’ betrayal hasn’t helped. I’m no fan of spoiling ballot papers as individual protest but .. a mass expression of contempt for fake democracy while building a powerful alternative, well, that’s a different kettle of … Read More »

The next US President? A closer look

3 May

04/04/2016. I wrote this last night, before today’s news from Indiana. I don’t say the presidency is a kick-in for Hillary. She has many skeletons and Trump, who has even ‘higher negatives’ but fewer known skeletons, will go at her … Read More »

Hillary: the progressive choice?

24 Apr

When you’re young you’re thinking, ‘where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie.  Gloria Steinem Hillary Clinton will always be there for you. And just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!  … Read More »