Unfulfilled desires: kayak camping

15 Jun

I’ve just taken delivery of an inflatable kayak, the Sevylor Colorado – well reviewed by experts and owners alike, and just £274 on eBay. It weighs fourteen-point-five kilos but that’s without paddle, air-pump, buoyancy aid and (my prime motive) camping … Read More »

Day twenty

11 Jun

I’d never thought to be out for so long. As Day Twenty dawns I emerge early, for reason given at end of Day Nineteen’s post, from a path-obstructing tent. I don’t yet know it but this will be the last … Read More »

Day nineteen

9 Jun

Looks like rain. God knows, there’s been precious little of the stuff. After the rain. My bathroom today, fifty yards upstream of its date with the ocean, comes with fitted shower. Cold only; hot tap out of order. Not for … Read More »

Day eighteen

8 Jun

How I like to leave my home for the night. Nowt but flattened grass. This swanky box overlooked my night seventeen pitch. I didn’t like that but for an hour had seen nothing suitable: just a narrow path hemmed in … Read More »

Day seventeen

7 Jun

Wednesday begins with two ferry rides from Falmouth across the Fal estuary. The first is to St Mawes where, forty-four years ago, I was a hotel night porter. I was saving for a summer on the Greek islands. In the … Read More »

Days fifteen to sixteen

5 Jun

Didn’t do much on Monday, Day Fifteen. I’d meant to photograph Cath and Roger’s spread, its wonders not confined to dogs, cat or sheep. Didn’t get it together though, tired after Lands End to Mousehole followed by outdoor wine ‘n … Read More »

Day fourteen

4 Jun

Recap: the past week saw me walking out of St Ives on Monday morning, taking two days to reach Sennen Cove, then camping within view of its beach. Wednesday brought the only rain to date. I bussed it to Penzance, … Read More »

Days twelve and thirteen

3 Jun

I’m out of sync; Day Fourteen was written before this. It tells how I got to Lower Balwest Farm, where Cath and Roger own several acres, horticultivate and do holiday lets of two converted outbuildings and one caravan. On Friday, … Read More »

Days ten and eleven

31 May

Early on Wednesday, with skies set to bring the first rain of my trip, I pack the sack and bus it down the coast from Sennen Cove, via wet and windy Land’s End, to Penzance. Another hour and I’ve breakfasted … Read More »

Day nine

30 May

View from my boudoir, Tuesday at 06:30 … … and from my back garden … … and with me packed and ready for off. My shadow self. Fat thighs and heart of stone. Orchard. Three from this side of the … Read More »