What the Oppenheimer film ignores

6 Aug

“The Hiroshima myth fosters a depraved indifference to civilian casualties associated with US actions abroad, whether it’s women and children slaughtered in a drone strike in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands dead in an unwarranted invasion of Iraq, or a baby who dies … Read More »

Bombers for Wall Street

29 Jan

Steve Gowans  has been cited before on this site, in respect of Syria and in my review of Israel: a Beachhead in the Middle East. Two days ago, on a different but related topic, he wrote: US bombers, says a … Read More »

Today in New Orleans

5 Feb

The Mississippi this morning … A walk down Magazine Street to Lafayette Cemetery, stopping for coffee, shelter from ten minute deluge and po’ boy lunch. Tour of the graves. Mahdi Gras preparations everywhere. Streetcar up St Charles Avenue to Audubon … Read More »