His Creepiness the 14th

10 Apr

Caitlin Johnstone today: The Dalai Lama Is A Creepy Asshole There’s a really gross video going around of the Dalai Lama kissing a young boy on the lips and telling him to suck his tongue while an adult audience looks on … Read More »

Is Mr Putin paranoid?

6 Apr

The Guardian, April 5, 2023 In my last post but one, Indicting Donald, I opined that: We look to media whose ability to be truthful on matters not vital to power fools us into believing them capable of being truthful … Read More »

Indicting Donald

3 Apr

As mainstream media pontificate on the significance for Western ‘democracy’ of the indictment of Donald Trump, here’s an extract from something Caitlin Johnstone wrote just before he left the White House: All sides pretended that Trump was a radical deviation … Read More »

Three Sunday reads

2 Apr

The shifting balance of global power … technical aspects of China’s ascendance … the bid to protect profits for the few by moving the UK to a US model of healthcare provision at cost of falling life expectancy for the … Read More »

The whataboutery of Simon Tisdall

26 Mar

Millions of its readers believe The Guardian offers critical, independent reporting that is different to the right-wing, billionaire-controlled UK media. But its limited coverage of British foreign and security policies gives a misleading picture of what the UK does in … Read More »