A rubber tramp in Cambridge

10 Feb

In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind made moan/Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone – Christina Rossetti Friday, 07:30. Snug in down bag under heavy duvet, I peel back a corner of the nearest blind to take in the … Read More »

A rubber tramp in Hartlepool

5 Feb

Hartlepool, north of the Tees, is my kind of town. Time ravaged and forlorn, the striking and the truly banal rub shoulders as both stagger under the weight of histories ancient and modern. It’s a place of friendly folk whose … Read More »

A rubber tramp in Redcar

4 Feb

Redcar There’s only one shower at Durham Services. It’s kept locked but you get the key from the W H Smith’s next door, surrendering car key pending its return. The shower is hot with a good flow, the room basic … Read More »

Battle of the mutes

6 Jan

January 5, 2022 provided perfect conditions at Attenborough Nature Reserve. After a spell of warm and wet, the fifth day of the year saw temperatures drop – and lashings of sunshine. The birds were out in force. No excuse, then, … Read More »