Escher! Get your ass up here

21 Dec

I saw this, originating in the New Yorker, on FB just this morning. An Escher admirer for forty years and more, how could I resist?

We don’t need this information to appreciate the New Yorker humour but as it happens its creator, Robert Leighton, does not just draw witty cartoons. He creates puzzles too.

I first saw M C Escher’s work on the cover of Mott the Hoople’s debut album. A year earlier Escher had turned down a request by Mick Jagger – addressed “Dear Maurits” – to do the artwork for the Stones’  1969 album, Let it Bleed. Escher communicated his decision in a note to his agent which ended:

“By the way, please tell Mr Jagger I am not ‘Maurits’ to him.”


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