Guardian in tactical retreat over Corbyn

12 Jun

So, the Guardian is now filling its columns with fake, heavily qualified and borderline amnesiac apologies for getting Corbyn so stunningly wrong. Let’s remind ourselves just how relentlessly offensive its vilification has been. Here’s a sample, taken from the much more comprehensive set assembled by

Do check out the rest. Meanwhile those row-back pieces by the likes of Freedland and Toynbee, their spirit best captured by Nick Cohen’s I was wrong BUT, have been priceless – see today’s off-Guardian for Kit’s analysis of a Jonathan Freedland who led the pack from Day One.

Then, from those within the PLP who now and again take to the Graun to pen their bile, we had the hilarious Jess Phillips – magnificently lampooned below the line by Andy Platt – on the necessity of eating humble pie, while swallowing not one morsel of the stuff herself.

But for barefaced, delusionally revisionist chutzpah the dreadful Suzanne Moore takes some beating. Check the two samples above of her headline handiwork, then come back and tell me if you will how thick a skin you’d need – I suppose in its own way you might call it an asset – to write, as she did on Friday, a column with this header.

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  1. Should those the Guardian and it’s columnists laud as Labour Party “moderates” follow Mandelson’s call, published in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, to prop up a lame duck prime minister (deliberate lower case) using the pretext of avoiding a catastrophic Brexit in the negotiations this will be in effect a National Government in all but name.

    Expect to see the usual suspects, Benn, Umuna, Jarvis et al plus Cable and Davidson from the Scottish Tories (the only Tory big hitter with a positive rating) but nobody from the Corbyn wing of the Party should this gain traction.

    Such an outcome would see the so called “moderates” handing Britain to the Tories and the parasitic feudal rentier class. You can bet your pension pot in those circumstances that the Guardian and it’s columnists, including their pet ‘lefty’ Jones, will do another 180 degree about turn from their current stance of ‘we knew all the time that Corbyn could deliver.’

    The current stance in that paper will not last long and the moment they see an opening to continue pursuing their elitist agenda it will be back to business as usual.

    The Guardian, the only national title which makes the Mail look like a tin of Ronseal (at least the Mail does what it says on the tin).

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