Formby on Friday

28 Sep

Through the pines.

Over the dunes.

And onto the beach, the light in constant flux …

… an Atlantic north-westerly ripping in relentless.

“I’m going out”, said J, pushing through piles of sand outside our bedouin tent. “I may be some time …”

Oystercatcher for sure, but who’s the other wader? Black-tailed godwit? Curlew sandpiper?


Nudist beach with cranes.



10 Replies to “Formby on Friday

  1. Hi Phil
    Fab photos! We (Martin and I) think after the Oystercatcher you’ve pictured a Bar-tailed Godwit. He’s distinguished from the Black-tailed Godwit by the slightly upturned bill, the white wedge (rather than a white square) above the tail, and absence of the black wedge on the end of his tail. Pretty sure it’s one or other of the Godwits anyway, and in winter plumage. We fell in love with this bird at Bamburgh in Feb this year, hence the interest and supposed knowledge!
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Love Paula

    • Hey Paula – thanks! Second time you’ve ID’d a bird pic for me, if memory serves.

      I love the northeast coast too, and am more often on that side than this. The day trip to Formby and Southport was my second visit in fifty-seven years. The first time – this tells you summat – happens to be the last time I ever went on a steam train, in England, as a normal journey. Which is to say not in India, where in 74-5 they were still the norm, and not as a down-memory-lane tourist attraction. Simply to get from A to B.

      God I feel old sometimes.

      We went west coast rather than east – pretty much equidistant from Nottingham – purely because of a better forecast that day. But we’ll be back. The coast just a mile or two north of Liverpool is amazing, as I hope these pix suggest,

      Lots of love, Phil

  2. Is the ‘nudist beach’ all statues? I’ve visited the Angel of the North, not seen the willies of the (north)west yet. For a minute I thought that was you! I went to Crosby with a Scouse girlfriend one Xmas long ago to pick up a turkey from her aunty’s. Can’t remember it being as pretty as this though? Godwit? I was gonna say Dunlin but obviously I know nowt.

    • You thought that was me, Mick? Well, I admit I’ve gotten rusty of late.

      I hear Scouse girls who Xmas in Crosby keep their boyfriends warm at night.

      Dunlin? I might have gone for that too. What little I know of birds has come via photography, as I try to identify a specimen my lens has captured.

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