In death he folded his legs like a baby

7 Nov

Mostly I’m angry about other crimes but sometimes, sometimes, the dignity and innocence of those we share this earth with, and the insanity of the white man, move me to tears.

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  1. What chance does this planet, it’s people, wildlife and ecosystems have when you have retards that can do such a thing as this?
    The UK regime will have killed another 68,000 badgers by end of year rather than do the right thing and spend the money on vaccinating the cows that are spreading the disease, mostly imports from abroad. For sure, the badgers did pack a suitcase and nip across the channel and return with bovine Tb. By now more badgers are carrying the Tb caught from infected cows, than previously, even though most of the populations do not even have it, precisely because our UK regime is negligent at every turn.
    There are still no signs to ask people to slow down for hedgehogs unlike other less “civilised” countries who actually value their wildlife and Foxhunting is still prevalent despite being illegal and the police, courts and regime do nothing.
    The UK regime is one of the worst performing countries in the world(2nd only to the US with regard the use of plastic)and pay only lip service to the climate change recommendations. This country is not so much going to the dogs – although it is – but actually devolving to an era we hoped had been left behind. It doesn’t matter in that respect whether it’s Tory or Starmer’s Labour selling false promises.
    Although you provide no details of the elephant youngsters murder, I have to assume the smiling idiot swaggering with a rifle for his mug shot is the brave brain dead twit who shot it little realising that in fact the elephant is priceless and he and his kind are ten a penny and pretty much worthless.
    Heart rending to see the baby elephant dead and so needlessly and I wonder if I had been armed and witness to it’s murder whether I would still be the same person if I shot the callous perpetrators dead. Perhaps I’m losing the plot, but I don’t think I would give the worthless killers a second thought even if I did to them what they had done. Gandhi said something along the lines of being able to judge how civilised a people were by the way they treat their animals – wise man that chap.



      • You’re both in the same virtual room – or at least have been. So let me apologise for whatever WordPress gremlin sees to it that the only two people who repeatedly have to wait for their comments to be approved – when my setting is for anyone whose first comment is approved to have further ones posted automatically – have surnames whose first three characters are capital O, apostrophe, capital something else!

        What can I say? But sorry …

  2. My name is given because I don’t much like hiding behind false identities(even though I was advised to do so)so I tried to find Mohandra, Mohander, Mahatma, Gandigee and all of them were taken so I ended up with Mohandeer being the closest. Since I seem to have a problem on your site I will try to remember to use my pseudonym. Dropping the apostrophe and using lowercase “n” doesn’t seem to work, but will try it anyway and will see.

    • I was making a feeble joke, Susan. I don’t really suppose WP has an inbuilt anti Irish prejudice! All the same, it’s odd that this refusal to learn that the two trusted people it consistently keeps waiting both happens to have Irish names!

      It’s inconvenient for you and embarrassing for me. I’ve had a couple of stabs at getting to the bottom of it – triple checking for some obscure setting I wasn’t aware of, online searches to see if any other blogger can shed light – but to no avail

      • PS – I’m with you on use of your real name. That said, it’s a personal thing and when others choose differently I assume they have their reasons. But I take a dim view when pseudonym cat-callers attack bloggers like Caitlin J: people of courage who put themselves out there, day in and day out, with withering critiques of empire under what I assume to be their real names.

  3. Gandhi also said an eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind – he was right about that too, so killing in response to killing really doesn’t solve the problem. And yet….

    • Big issue, I think. Humans, like all predators, exploit other species. But under capitalism this assumes obscene dimensions. Consider the difference between a hunter or trapper, killing to put food on the family table, and the Auschwitz production lines of today’s meat and dairy industries. (Obscenities we haven’t even the moral courage to witness, but – as with the suffering of the peoples of the global south – must keep out of sight and out of mind.)

      There’s also a raft of practical arguments – sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind, as with the alarming decline in bee populations – against the arrogance of our species towards those we share the planet with.

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