Thus spake Blinken

9 May

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a few days ago on May 6. For a short profile of this man, his war profiteering a textbook case of the revolving door between public office and private gain, see my post – The king is dead: long live the king of November 9, when Biden’s win had become clear and political ingenues were dancing in the streets.

(As for the myth of independent journalism, the assessment laid out in yesterday’s post, on Britain’s media, is highly generalisable. In the USA it is compounded by the shameless way in which, as Bob Dylan once told us, money doesn’t talk: it swears.)

Here, in a one-minute-fifty-two unedited video for those who like their comedy undiluted and on the dark side, is Mr Blinken on nasty places like Russia, where journalists aren’t allowed to speak truth to power.


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