Until you realise …

22 Aug

Until you realise the Western world is ruled by criminals, and that corporate media’s first loyalty is not to truth but – via market discipline and beneath a show of fiery independence on lesser issues – to those criminals, you will continue to have the wool pulled over your eyes on all the things that most matter.

In fact there’s almost no limit to the sense addling fairy tales you’ll buy. You may even sign up for the risible notion that Venezuela is in so desperate a state because of “failed Chavism”. And that DC’s policy of starving the peoples of states whose governments it dislikes – in Venezuela as in Iran and Syria – has nothing to do with it!

For more on this graphic, its sources of information, and further reading, follow this link.

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  1. Now for some good news (or at least forecasting).

    In 2016, peace studies founder and futurist Professor Johan Galtung, who had accurately predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1980, told me that the “US empire” would begin to collapse around 2020. He had actually made the original prediction in the year 2000, arguing that this would happen within 25 years – but after the election of George W Bush, he revised his forecast five years forward due to Bush’s extreme militarism which he said would act as an accelerant. He said that, during this phase of decline, the US would experience a period of reactionary fascism.” Seems to be working out so far.

    From this https://bylinetimes.com/2021/08/19/the-return-of-the-taliban-the-end-of-the-us-empire/ article, which also supplements Phil’s on the Afghan backgrounding.

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