Down with Covid!

19 Aug

You could read that title in two ways but here I mean it in the acutely personal sense that, yes, I’m down with Covid.

On Wednesday evening I was about to serve my highly acclaimed onions, peppers, sun dried tomatoes, baby potatoes and basil with a grilled haloumi topping when it hit me that I wasn’t at all hungry. Further, that while I didn’t exactly feel unwell, I sure as fuck didn’t feel well either.

Leaving Jackie to help herself and catch up on Snowfall, I took to my bed. Only in the morning, with appetite loss and fatigue augmented by chesty cough, aching head and body and dire ear did the obvious occur. Having dodged it these past thirty months, had Covid finally tracked me down?

With several of the lateral flow kits (from the time when these were issued free in the UK) still in the house, a moment or two of unpleasant swabbing of tonsils and left nostril, followed by 20 minute wait, confirmed my hypothesis with that dreaded second line. I’m now self isolating – so far successfully since Jackie tested negative today and yesterday – and spending my days and nights in a twilight zone of reading, listening to music and napping. All in all it ain’t too bad.  I’ve even accepted a new writing assignment from a company for whom I write film synopses and hooks – a once occasional sideline that’s developed into a substantial part time income stream for which I’m paid well, and thoroughly enjoy.

Speaking of reading and writing, I will of course be delivering as soon as health permits on my threat of the third and final installment of Why read Michael Hudson?

Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been awake for almost an hour, so need to take a nap …

* * *

5 Replies to “Down with Covid!

    • Captain, this ship is sinking
      Captain, these seas are rough
      We gas tank almost empty
      No electricity, we oil pressure reading low
      Shall we abandon ship?
      Or shall we stay on it, and perish slow?
      We don’t know, we don’t know
      Captain, you tell we what to do

      Love it!

      • Bugger (or not) you are not as incapacitated as I assumed you would be – serves me right.

        Welcome back.

        And there I was ready with a number of other offerings of musical interludes to fill in until your recovery.

        Never mind. Sticking with the calypso theme here’s the one I was planning to post today:

    • Like flu itself, Covid clearly comes in varying degrees of severity. So far mine is mild, though still pretty debilitating. (I’ve always enjoyed very good health but haven’t felt able set foot outside in five days. I can’t remember when or even if that has happened before.)

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