Sergey Lavrov speaks out on the WTO

14 Mar

Thanks to Alain, my friend across La Manche, for this. An unflamboyant, soberly impressive as always Russian Foreign Minister had this to say yesterday:

Why do they now want to reform the World Trade Organisation? Because the principles it was based on, principles formulated primarily by the Americans, the British, and their allies, no longer suit them. Using these principles, China has achieved much more than the West. It gained the upper hand over them, playing by their rules.

Today, WTO operations are stalled. The Americans are using discriminatory measures against Chinese goods. China files absolutely justified suits to the body on dispute settlement. But the Americans have prevented it from functioning for years by blocking the appointment of persons needed for a quorum. This is an elementary ‘petty hooliganism.’

On Twitter his remarks drew a good many approving replies. I’m with Keith Vernal on this one:

A very clever man. A pity we have no such politicians in the UK who show his levels of intellect and diplomacy. Generally never speaks anything other than the truth, usually in a very dignified manner.

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  1. An issue picked up by the Duran Duo here:

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    ….discussing the latest Chinese statement. Recognising and responding publicly that the USA and China are heading for war following the standard US/Western approach of applying sanctions and vilifying those designated official enemies prior to taking military action.

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