Privatising Syria

11 Mar

My last political post till April. On Wednesday I leave for Taiwan, so expect only pretty pictures and non controversial words until I return to blighty and the battle for – I don’t much care for postmodernism – truth. Two … Read More »

THE must-read on Syria

9 Mar

Readers of my posts on Syria know that my views on its seven year ordeal could not be further from those of mainstream media. They aren’t much closer to those of their audiences, though of late I’ve noted a growing … Read More »

Syria: former UK ambassador speaks

15 Feb

Two excellent offerings from OffGuardian this week. Yesterday was a video featuring Peter Ford, ambassador to Syria 2003-6, telling the “Imperialism on Trial” symposium in Derry that humanitarian invasion and sanctions are simply updated versions of the “White Man’s Burden” … Read More »