Turkish delight at Capitol riots

9 Jan

See also yesterday’s post, Stop trivialising the term, coup! Below are my shamelessly cherry-picked highlights from a predictably flawed but highly entertaining piece today in the liberal centrist Middle East outlet, Al-Monitor. Turkey awash with schadenfreude over Capitol takeover A large … Read More »

My September reads

27 Sep

Some folks – I’m tempted to call them psychological sectarians, more interested in ‘othering’ those outside their cosy club than effecting change in this Vale of Tears – will slam me for this, but all three of my picks this … Read More »

Coup 53

2 Aug

Mainstream Western accounts of modern Iran seldom go back further than 1979 to address the events of 1953, when Winston Churchill and Kermit Roosevelt conspired to oust PM Mohammad Mosadegh, elected on a ticket of nationalising Anglo-Persian Oil (now BP) … Read More »

Caesar’s Palace

18 Jun

this post also features in offguardian Twitter, yesterday … While debate rages on whether the statues of colonial plunderers should be tossed into rivers or otherwise removed as blots on civilised landscapes – and as we progressives virtue-signal our damning … Read More »