Who are Hamas? What do they want?

23 Dec

Israel is killing children at a historic rate, is killing an unprecedented number of journalists, and is starving half a million civilians while raining military explosives on a giant concentration camp. No part of this is complicated. No part of this is two-sided. Caitlin … Read More »

Do not look away

10 Dec

It’s tempting I know. The horrors are indescribable, yet describe them we must. To face them is sickening, yet face them we must. To bear witness in the full knowledge we can do nothing – so much for the democracy … Read More »

More naked truth from Gaza

8 Dec

The Daily Mail caption reads: “Footage shared by Israeli media appears to show IDF troops rounding up scores of men and transporting them on the back of trucks” Following my last post but one, here’s a little more on those … Read More »