Bombers for Wall Street

29 Jan

Steve Gowans  has been cited before on this site, in respect of Syria and in my review of Israel: a Beachhead in the Middle East. Two days ago, on a different but related topic, he wrote: US bombers, says a … Read More »

Formby on Friday

28 Sep

Through the pines. Over the dunes. And onto the beach, the light in constant flux … … an Atlantic north-westerly ripping in relentless. “I’m going out”, said J, pushing through piles of sand outside our bedouin tent. “I may be … Read More »

The pike and heron

21 Sep

I spoke in Afloat in the Fens of a brace of pike spotted in a small mere, amid an otherwise banal housing estate on the edge of Thrapston and fed by the Nene. Here they are. Close by, another ambush … Read More »

Slow boat to St Ives

18 Sep

Thursday. As yesterday I’m at Houghton Mill, now going downstream to St Ives by canoe. Half a mile in, the heat is drowsing. I lie back in the canoe but, camera in lap, tell myself neither heron nor snake shall … Read More »

Houghton Mill to Huntingdon

17 Sep

Note to self: when sleeping overnight in car on industrial estate, avoid tight spaces behind lorry trailers. On Tuesday night I disregarded this elementary advice. Having left the Kings Arms shortly after posting Afloat in the Fens, Google Maps took … Read More »