Pulpit Rock on Constitution Day

19 May

Constitution Day is a big deal here. Every year, on May 17, Norwegians dress in traditional attire to mark the second oldest written constitution still in use. Signed in 1814, thirteen months and a day before her French ally’s nemesis … Read More »

Sunday on the fjord

14 May

Penetrating 205 kilometres (127 miles) inland, with an average breadth of five kilometres – in places far less – and reaching a depth of 1300 metres (0.8125 miles) Sognefjord is the longest and deepest in Norway. The PR folk have … Read More »

The train from Oslo to Bergen

6 May

After three delightful days in summery Oslo, pictures yet to be processed, Jackie and I boarded the 12:03 to Bergen yesterday, Sunday. I hope your enjoyment of these snaps isn’t marred too much by motion blur and ghosting, for which … Read More »

In Peterborough and Stamford

9 Mar

Our history lives on in our language. We have Saxon words for livestock, French ones for meat – cow-bœuf .. sheep-mouton .. pig-porc – because the conquered Saxons merely tended what their Norman overlords got to eat. Here in Peterborough Cathedral, … Read More »

What the Oppenheimer film ignores

6 Aug

“The Hiroshima myth fosters a depraved indifference to civilian casualties associated with US actions abroad, whether it’s women and children slaughtered in a drone strike in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands dead in an unwarranted invasion of Iraq, or a baby who dies … Read More »