Blowback and Labour’s civil war

26 Jul

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to the  rightward drift of once liberal media Millionaire Labour donor Michael Foster wants to reverse the NEC decision and seeks a [high court] declaration that, under Labour party … Read More »

Corbyn kicks off in Salford

24 Jul

The Lowry Hall, Salford, where on Saturday Jeremy launched his campaign for a leadership he should not, ten months after securing the biggest mandate in the Party’s history, have had to defend. Labour now has more members – half a … Read More »

Trident – a class perspective

23 Jul

So much falls into place once you realise that for Big Capital, profit trumps nation every time. Trident’s a case in point. For it or agin, without a class perspective we really haven’t a clue. “Our” big banks, including HSBC and Barclays, are … Read More »

Eagle is downed, but not by sexism

20 Jul

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to the rightward drift of once liberal media. Is there a prize for the most featherheaded Guardian analysis of Labour’s crisis? In the face of fierce competition over the months … Read More »

Meanwhile on Saltburn Pier …

19 Jul

… the Yorkshire Knitters have struck again. This hiker has to be out of his woolly mind to go up on Ilkley Moor without a hat. Is he not aware of the consequential chain such folly will trigger? Decades ago, David Hockney cited a … Read More »

From bitter searching of the heart

16 Jul

A villanelle has nineteen lines and just two rhyming sounds, in this case “ain” and “art”. Frank Scott’s Villanelle for Our Time was set to music by Leonard Cohen on one of his more unusual albums, Dear Heather. Years ago I heard Cohen tell BBC Front … Read More »

Is this England? Ask Chaucer!

10 Jul

I’ve been re-watching This is England. Not the movie, set in 1983, but the Channel 4 mini-series it spawned: This is England 1986 .. 1988  .. 1990. They’re on catch up at All 4 and if you never saw them, find … Read More »