Ursula weeps for Ukraine

12 Apr

Continuing the theme set earlier today, of double standards, I was alerted to a cartoon tweet by Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar. It features EC President, Ursula von der Leyen:

“in the face of so much horror, Europe cannot turn away”

Not with Washington twisting its arm, it can’t.


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  1. This SCF article raises valid questions not just about Ursula but also the ICC and its current placeman who seems to be little more than a stooge for the self appointed/referenced ‘international Community:


    “In light of Khan’s piously proclaimed doctrine of “’zero Tolerance’ on crimes against Ukrainian children,” it is reasonable to raise the following question. During his recent visit to Kiev, where he met with regime officials and tweeted that “Engagement with all actors [is] critical for effective, independent investigations,” what prevented him from undertaking a side-trip to Donetsk, to meet with the parents of over 500 children who perished in Ukrainian bombardments since 2014 and if not to lay a wreath at least to visit the monument erected in their memory?

    Khan’s visiting schedule can fairly be compared to an international delegation arriving in Germany during World War II to investigate atrocity allegations, but confining its activities to Berlin in order to hear the views of German government officials, while scrupulously avoiding a trip to Auschwitz.”

    The article also further highlights the fact that despite having an ICC team on the ground in Ukraine no effort has been made by Khan and the ICC to secure and investigate the alleged Bucha crime scene. Not to mention others which have been alleged as ‘false flags.’

    Meanwhile, this Bitchute video report (with English subtitles) of a French journalists quelle suprise moment when he finds out that he’s not reporting on some ‘International Brigade’ operation in Ukraine but one controlled and run from the Pentagon is revealing:


    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the links. I’ve been reading Eva Bartlett’s blog on her recent trip to Ukraine in which she is interviewing Donbas civilians, DPR spokesman and other non-aligned “real” journalists. It was good to get her perspective because it backs up what Dmitri Orlov has been saying. Grayzone has also been doing their due diligence(a term which apparently is not understood by the corrupt MSM)along with Avia.Pro and Covert Action Magazine. Internationalist 360, Robert Parry, Joe Lauria, The Angry Arab, Glen Greenwald and a host of on the ground independent reporters, have also been offering up info not easily available.
      The more we post links and names of sources believed to be trustworthy the more we learn and can promote for others to see.
      It’s depressing in one respect, the truth is out there being hobbled and nobbled every which way while the liars and con artists rage rampantly across tv’s and what passes for newspapers and those of us who make the effort to discern what is truth work tirelessly to report it and are sadly dismissed.
      I agree with Phil’s message(from a previous post). It is not acceptable to have an uninformed opinion.
      Thanks for all your comments.

  2. This recent piece on the grousebeater blog by Jason Michael McCann references the unprecedented nature of the one sided propaganda war which is raging right now.


    The ‘Bloody Harvest’ video referenced here can be found on Bitchute. However, I don’t intend to post a link. I merely reference it to echo the observation that not a single Western politician or media outlet has seen fit to condemn this piece of cultural Nazism.

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