Ruling class devilry and the Holy Bible

27 Jul

A week ago I posted on Latin America’s (and more generally the global south’s) defiance of “the international community” over Ukraine.  The international community as endlessly invoked by ‘our’ media It generated a response from – it’s possible this isn’t … Read More »

British wildlife in May

24 May

I’m back from eight days rubber tramping Britain’s south coast, taking in the Somerset Levels, New Forest, South Downs, Dungeness and Thanet … gnocchi and pesto for supper at Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve, West Sussex … having spent the beginning … Read More »

Musings on an osprey

4 May

One of mine? I wish! In photography as in life, the two greatest obstacles to excellence are cowardice and indolence. Given a minimal level of technical competence  – focusing precision, and the ability to control light through the exposure variables … Read More »