Speaking of paedophiles …

11 Apr

In her column yesterday, apropos that  kiss, Caitlin Johnstone rightly widened the focus from the sexual abuse of children by men whose status, in religious as in secular walks of life, allows them even in the wake of Jimmy Savile … Read More »

Titanic in 3D

22 Feb

Whether viewed in two dimensions or three, Titanic abounds in clichés. That’s what love stories do. All the good ones anyway; the ones that do what it says on the tin. Think West Side Side Story, aka Romeo and Juliet. … Read More »

The etymology of ‘tad’

18 Feb

From etymonline.com: tad (n.) 1877, “young or small child,” probably a shortened form of tadpole, which is said to be the source of Tad as the nickname of U.S. President Lincoln’s son Thomas (1853–1871). The extended meaning “small amount” is first recorded 1915. Since … Read More »

More trans lunacy

25 Jan

“In some quarters it is considered ‘transphobic’ to even note that Isla Bryson was once Adam Graham.” – Alex Massie in The Spectator The Guardian today, January 25th 2023: Politicians, campaigners and a UN special rapporteur have all expressed grave concerns … Read More »