Legally killed children

27 May

Writing in the neoliberal mouthpiece, The Atlanticist, May 17, Graeme Wood adopts a tone suave enough to persuade those who still give Israel, its Western backers and our systemically corrupt media benefit of doubt on black being white – and/or … Read More »

Pulpit Rock on Constitution Day

19 May

Constitution Day is a big deal here. Every year, on May 17, Norwegians dress in traditional attire to mark the second oldest written constitution still in use. Signed in 1814, thirteen months and a day before her French ally’s nemesis … Read More »

Sunday on the fjord

14 May

Penetrating 205 kilometres (127 miles) inland, with an average breadth of five kilometres – in places far less – and reaching a depth of 1300 metres (0.8125 miles) Sognefjord is the longest and deepest in Norway. The PR folk have … Read More »

Gaza and the student protests

9 May

… empire managers are acutely aware of something normal human beings are not: that power comes from manipulating the stories people tell themselves about reality. They know we are storytelling animals, our inner lives dominated by mental narratives about what’s … Read More »

The train from Oslo to Bergen

6 May

After three delightful days in summery Oslo, pictures yet to be processed, Jackie and I boarded the 12:03 to Bergen yesterday, Sunday. I hope your enjoyment of these snaps isn’t marred too much by motion blur and ghosting, for which … Read More »

The US-Israel game plan for Gaza

30 Apr

Short, lucid and pithily on point.  Jonathan Cook, ousted by his onetime Guardian employer for criticising Israel, spells out the murderous cynicism informing the WashingtonSpeak, dutifully relayed by media stenographers, of “peace proposals” whose inevitable “failure” will be spun as … Read More »