Meryl, Meryl – you broke my heart …

10 Jan

This guy says in three minutes what I’ve been trying to say for a year or more in exchanges with liberals who saw in Brexit, and now in Trump’s victory, some inexplicable plunge from day unto night.

He also expresses my own feelings when friends swooned over Streep’s puffed up comedy show of indignation at the Golden Globes.

I even like his repetitiveness. Somewhere between amateurish and poetic, it adds to the raw energy and searing authenticity of truths hidden for so long in plain sight.

NB since I first posted this the link has broken. I’ve found a copy on youtube with a short German introduction:


3 Replies to “Meryl, Meryl – you broke my heart …

  1. Not just the economic neo liberal, political neo conservatives or golden globe look at me celebrities either but also too many ordinary self proclaimed armchair “progressives” (sic) with blinkers over their eyes, thumbs up backsides and brains in neutral. All buying into this binary nonsense and sold hook line, sinker and copy of Angling Times on the narrative of those they previously dismissed who brought us the Iraqi WMD dodgy dossiers, the Kuwaiti kids ripped out of incubators, and the Gulf of Tomkin incident (among many other false news and narratives), all now eagerly and willingly swallowing mouthfuls of bullshit about Russian interference and involvement in the US Presidential election outcome and letting the DNC who were the real culprits here off the hook.

    Talk about gullible. No wonder progress is going backwards. Hitting the streets and whining like mardy arsed three year olds on the day after the election result was several months too late. This should have taken place at the Democratic Party Convention where the streets should not have been emptied until the anti democratic antics of the DNC hierarchy had been overturned and a realistic alternative candidate had been chosen. Those complaining need look no further than the mirror for the real culprits for bringing this result into being. The same applies to those on this side of the Atlantic who should have known the outcome the minute Jonah John McTernan announced that Clinton would win and “you can take that to the bank.”

  2. You know, I agree, the young guy is very persuasive in his arguments. A very pragmatic view – which on first sight seems to echo much of what I hold dear. However, recently I have had a lot of exchanges on-line with people where, time to sit around and talk about such issues is a luxury. Their deeply held opinions seem to come from sound bites and not, long reasoned or repeated arguments. They don’t understand the ‘media speak’ they just pick up on the gist of multiple news items. The headline is more important and has more cadence than the following narrative. That’s when the penny dropped – Twitter has more effect because its a character limited dialogue that is often accompanied by a meme. Twitter comments such as “Final Brexit tally is in: 48% Sense and Sensibility, 52% Pride and Prejudice” Have a lot more punch in the way of a short, succinct and memorably pointed sound bite. With the obligatory meme. Its no longer the Warhol fifteen minutes of fame – it more like the BBC, Kuenssberg inspired, fifteen seconds.



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