Sunrise on Hualien

25 Sep

I’d intended to take a scooter and camping gear into Taroko today but will defer a day as rain is forecast, to be followed by sunnier weather in the Gorge from Tuesday on, below 2000 metres at any rate.

I had to move hostels last night, Light Stay being fully booked. Mini Voyage Hostel is even friendlier, with great facilities and the same buzzing energy as Taipei’s A Dot Hostel. I’ve already booked a second night.

Last night I shared a mixed six bed dorm with two Taiwanese: a young soldier, very nice but speaking no English; and Adara, a lovely young woman who works in Taipei. In good English she proposed we rise at four, drive up to the estuary and catch the sunrise. Her timing was spot on. Within five minutes of arriving the light was changing. Here are the pictures:








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