Kremlin talking points …

17 Oct

This from Caitlin Johnstone today: In response to a statement during the Democratic primary debates by presidential candidate Andrew Yang that both Russia and the United States have engaged in election interference, liberal pundit Molly McKew tweeted, “I now retract … Read More »

The Kurds in Syria

12 Oct

this post also features in offguardian Turkish tank transporter on its way into Northern Syria [Sedat Suna/EPA] “Attempts by Third World leaders to establish independent control of their economies, in preference to their economies being used as spheres of profit-accumulation … Read More »

Wildlife at Wollaton

11 Oct

On one of those sunlit days with an autumnal bite of the kind October in Britain specialises in, I walked with Jasper in Wollaton Park. Passing through the heavy wooden side gate set into the old brick wall on the … Read More »

Dog psychology at Steel City House

6 Oct

Meet Tebay the Lakeland terrorist terrier. Eight weeks old and weighing in at three pounds ten ounces, his eight inch stature and length of twelve inches excluding tail make him pretty scary. You don’t wanna mess with this bruiser. On … Read More »