Formby on Friday

28 Sep

Through the pines. Over the dunes. And onto the beach, the light in constant flux … … an Atlantic north-westerly ripping in relentless. “I’m going out”, said J, pushing through piles of sand outside our bedouin tent. “I may be … Read More »

My September reads

27 Sep

Some folks – I’m tempted to call them psychological sectarians, more interested in ‘othering’ those outside their cosy club than effecting change in this Vale of Tears – will slam me for this, but all three of my picks this … Read More »

The Assange Hearing is a travesty!

22 Sep

On November 27, 2018 the Guardian published a “bombshell”, swiftly taken up by other of the world’s media. Authors Luke Harding and Dan Collyns alleged that President Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, convicted three months earlier on eight counts of … Read More »

The pike and heron

21 Sep

I spoke in Afloat in the Fens of a brace of pike spotted in a small mere, amid an otherwise banal housing estate on the edge of Thrapston and fed by the Nene. Here they are. Close by, another ambush … Read More »

Slow boat to St Ives

18 Sep

Thursday. As yesterday I’m at Houghton Mill, now going downstream to St Ives by canoe. Half a mile in, the heat is drowsing. I lie back in the canoe but, camera in lap, tell myself neither heron nor snake shall … Read More »

Houghton Mill to Huntingdon

17 Sep

Note to self: when sleeping overnight in car on industrial estate, avoid tight spaces behind lorry trailers. On Tuesday night I disregarded this elementary advice. Having left the Kings Arms shortly after posting Afloat in the Fens, Google Maps took … Read More »

Afloat in the fens

15 Sep

It’s a scorching afternoon, still and sultry. A minute after putting in at Islip, I disturb a grey heron. It flaps a gawky take off across the river twenty metres ahead. Ten minutes after that I hear a tiny plash … Read More »