Pissing in morse code

13 Jun

In 1960, going on eight, I was a pupil at Ecclesfield Juniors, one of those stone built products of the big push on school building in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In the boys’ playground stood the boys’ … Read More »

Maya Forstater wins on appeal!

11 Jun

The institutions that might have been expected to support women’s political organisation have been conspicuous by their absence or active hostility. Amnesty, the Fawcett Society, unions and political parties: all have ignored these women, or been positively hostile … … … Read More »

The late great Michael Hudson!!!

10 Jun

I’m both delighted and embarrassed – more the former – to discover that my news earlier today of economist Michael Hudson’s death was greatly exaggerated. A comment by bevin, below, showed me that I had the wrong Michael Hudson; a political scientist … Read More »

On Richmond Hill

9 Jun

Email exchanges yesterday, apropos my references to a subset of transgenderism which claims sex to be a ‘spectrum’, suggest I have not made myself sufficiently clear. So let me try again: I do not deny the sufferings of transgender persons … Read More »