Amazon complacent on fraud

3 Dec

What’s odd about this Amazon screen? The first two prices are unrealistically high given that the 7D Mark II sells for less, and Mark I prices have fallen below ¬£1,000. But that’s not the issue here. The real joker is … Read More »

Snappy Come-backs No: 373

18 Nov

A Grauniad below-the-line commenter the other day wanted to know if a fellow commenter, given to making abusive remarks in upper case, is SHOUTING ON PURPOSE. I only ask because a bloke I know reckons there’s a button you can … Read More »

Ten Old Songs

15 Nov

See also – Sincerely, L. Cohen Like so many others who owe a pleasure as unexpected as it was precious – that of seeing a septuagenarian Leonard Cohen in concert – to the former manager and lover who stole all … Read More »

A tsunami of outrage

15 Nov

A day and a half after we knew Trump had won, I emailed friends on both sides of the Atlantic with this heavily edited version of an open letter by Thomas Harrington, Professor of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College, Connecticut. … Read More »