Great tits of Attenborough

25 Feb

By far the commonest tit – in fact the commonest non water bird, period – in Attenborough is the blue tit. Here’s one snapped yesterday as I took advantage of the sunshine, and highest temperatures in many a month, to … Read More »

Why are ‘we’ the good guys?

25 Feb

Seen just now on FB. Thank you Allan Edward Tierney for skewering the dangerous, barely conscious default assumption – nourished by Western education, news media, entertainment industries and other forms of drip-fed opinion manufacture – that “we” are the good guys. … Read More »

Europe’s growing dilemma

21 Feb

In an aside to my post last week, Washington’s Wuhan laboratory lie, I wrote: Russia’s recovery from the Yeltsin years defied Wall Street plans for her economy. It sent the West’s rulers into a frenzy … of Russophobia. No allegation … Read More »

The squeak came off!

15 Feb

In the (Amazon) market for dogs’ balls, and having ignored the crude innuendo of a set entitled The Dog’s Balls, I was giving serious consideration to this item: So glad I read this critical review before clicking to confirm purchase. … Read More »

No-Platforming and the so-called Left

15 Feb

So the defamation escalates. First you call someone a ‘transphobe’. Then next time you can call them a ‘known transphobe.’ Next, when you’ve called them a known transphobe often enough, they become a  ‘Notorious transphobe’. All without saying a single … Read More »