Three China reads: 3, Global reach

18 Apr

Uighur brouhaha? A simple map can be worth a thousand words … To say I’m alarmed by the sinophobic bellicosity of Washington and its thermonuclear satellites, my country very much included, would be a gross understatement. In the world’s three … Read More »

Three China reads: 2, Democracy

12 Apr

My previous post, on Roderic Day’s 7,000 word response to allegations of China’s persecution of its Muslim Uighur population, contains the following: Polling of Chinese citizenry by Dalia Research reveals that “73% of Chinese consider China to be democratic whereas … Read More »

Three China reads: 1, the Uighurs

11 Apr

Silence? What silence? Few things are more predictable than the demonising by corporate media of ‘regimes’ which obstruct, directly or indirectly, the will of Wall Street. But while the general truth of this may be acknowledged within intellectual circles, its applicability to … Read More »

My March reads

28 Mar

Just two reads this month. (You’ll see why when you clock the word count of the first one.) This past year I’ve been in an uncomfortable place vis-a-vis CV-19. On the one hand I’m impressed by sceptics like Germany’s Professor … Read More »