What price US nukes? $80k a minute!

17 Jun

Appearing this morning on WSWS: US squanders $80,000 every minute on nuclear weapons The United States spends over $80,000 every single minute on nuclear weapons, more than every single country in the world combined, according to a new report by the … Read More »

As we hydroplane towards WW3 …

9 May

The neo-Nazi Azov Battalion on parade in Ukraine This makes two posts in a row I’ve handed over to Caitlin Johnstone, corporate mass media being incapable of telling the truth on matters vital to power. Not just oligarch ownership – … Read More »

Oh my giddy AUMF!

5 May

On May 1st, Democrat leaning site, The Hill – said to be “the largest independent political news site in the United States”  and “ranked second among all US news sites for political readership” – posted this. Kinzinger introduces AUMF to … Read More »