Caitlin J on the Democrats

7 Mar

Caitlin Johnstone today: Democrats cannot wait for the midterms so they can lose and go back to letting the Republicans play the bad cop. This is who the Democrats are. It’s who they always will be. They let you have your Bernies … Read More »

Europe’s growing dilemma

21 Feb

In an aside to my post last week, Washington’s Wuhan laboratory lie, I wrote: Russia’s recovery from the Yeltsin years defied Wall Street plans for her economy. It sent the West’s rulers into a frenzy … of Russophobia. No allegation … Read More »

Dodgy sums on Scottish Independence

5 Feb

I’m not what you’d call a fan of Modern Monetary Theory. I see in it no real solution to our most pressing problems – eco-insanity and threat of nuclear armageddon; inhuman conditions for hundreds of millions in the global south … Read More »

The Buddhas of Wall Street & Pentagon

30 Jan

Not being a regular reader of Jane’s Aircraft I was surprised by Stephen Gowans’ references, in his What’s Left? post three days ago, to B-52s. For my generation this bomber gained global notoriety in the skies over Vietnam. And even more infamously … Read More »