“Taiwan will be the flash point”

24 Nov

Extract from an interview with Christopher Black, described by Finian Cunnigham, on the Information Clearing House site, as: a renowned international defense lawyer based in Canada, specializing in war crimes. He served as a legal advisor to Serbian President Slobodan … Read More »

What Caity said next …

18 Nov

From Caitlin Johnstone’s blog this morning: Hi I’m Sleazy McPundit with WMD News. To explain why more internet censorship is needed to fight disinformation, here’s a panel of millionaires,  paid to lie to you. … Biden in 2020 is just … Read More »

The king is dead – long live the king!

9 Nov

On November 6, while the Guardian titillated a doubtless boosted readership with the prospect of the current White House incumbent barricading himself in (“spoiler alert”, Caitlin advised, “he won’t”) Anti War.com was more usefully offering profiles of the three frontrunners … Read More »

Forgive my not dancing in the streets

8 Nov

It’s official. The latest of America’s grotesque parodies of democracy has delivered its verdict. Three Strikes Joe, who championed the war on Iraq with its million slain and its descent into chaos and terror amid the asset grabs of wholesale … Read More »

Just asking …

7 Nov

This from the Black Agenda Report, November 4: Democratic propagandists and “frightened” leftists are desperate. They tell supporters and the public the republic will not survive another term of Donald Trump. They point to his despicable, racist descriptions of undocumented … Read More »

My October reads

24 Oct

China leads the race for 5G leadership, a fact not only deeply alarming to Washington and Wall Street but with dire implications for a Europe left in the dust. Meanwhile a French Professor of Philosophy has a word or two … Read More »