River of Fear

28 Jul

The River Soar rises between Lutterworth and Hinckley, then takes a northerly course through brownfield, cattled meadow, reedy margins, trailing willow, dreary town and many an idyllic village – as well as Leicester and Loughborough – to top up the … Read More »

On the water, man and dog

19 Jul

In a one seat canoe, you’re skipper and crew, just messing about on the river. Josh Macrae My kayak waits in the garage: deflated, rolled and strapped to folding trolley – the kind porters use to ferry grain sacks round … Read More »

Two days at Attenborough

20 May

Monday. Walking the Erewash Canal from Long Eaton to Trentlock, I snapped a moorhen and remembered I need to go back to Nottingham to see the moorchicks spied from my canoe nine days ago, on the Beeston Cut opposite the … Read More »