Whitney Bridge to Ross on Wye

24 Jul

The border Wye is in some ways similar to its smaller namesake in Derbyshire’s White Peak, the Wye that rises west of Buxton to enter the town then turn southwards through Millers Dale and Monsal Dale, Ashford and Bakewell, to … Read More »

Glasbury to Whitney Bridge

20 Jul

Many sections of the Wye are still as a mill pond, a fact begetting two unfortunate errors on my part. The first and least consequential was that, after putting in at Glasbury Bridge mid afternoon yesterday, I paddled a mile … Read More »

Stourport via Kidderminster

4 Jul

Jackie is presenting for Nottingham Uni at a HE Learning Conference in Brum. I came for the ride, catching a string of local buses (Sheffield … Bakewell .. Derby … Burton-on-T … Sutton Coldfield …)  to a city not known … Read More »

Pictures from a Lakeland Kayak

28 Jun

I used to look down on Windermere as not for the serious outdoorsman; rather, a playground for water sport fiends, party animals and wannabe Campbells. That changed years ago when, having driven up for a spot of camping in Borrowdale, … Read More »

Meditations from a Lakeland Kayak

26 Jun

Monday morning around seven-thirty the sun is already strong. Windermere’s more serene west bank, four metres from the shoreline on my right, is gin clear. A school of tiny perch – our handsomest freshwater fish, and thirsty for learning with … Read More »

Unfulfilled desires: kayak camping

15 Jun

I’ve just taken delivery of an inflatable kayak, the Sevylor Colorado – well reviewed by experts and owners alike, and just £274 on eBay. It weighs fourteen-point-five kilos but that’s without paddle, air-pump, buoyancy aid and (my prime motive) camping … Read More »

Day twenty

11 Jun

I’d never thought to be out for so long. As Day Twenty dawns I emerge early, for reason given at end of Day Nineteen’s post, from a path-obstructing tent. I don’t yet know it but this will be the last … Read More »