Power in pictures

12 Dec

“Them smokestacks reaching like the arms of God, to fill a beautiful sky with soot and clay …” Bruce Springsteen, Youngstown. Scruffily coal fired, German owned Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station is not visible in all these pictures. Just in … Read More »

The South Downs today

2 Dec

Atmospheric weather and the company of dear friends. Who needs sunshine? Cag and wellies help, of course – no such thing as crap weather; just crap clothes for it – but when said friends have spares to hand, and you’re … Read More »

Trentlock yesterday

26 Nov

The coal fired power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar kicks out two thousand megawatts. With the rolling wooded hills of Leicestershire to its southern edge, and just these lowlands of water and flood plain on my side of the Trent, its smokestacks … Read More »

Beeston, Nottingham

20 Oct

Steel City Scribblings is soon to become a misnomer: its headquarters and pulsing nerve centre relocated to Beeston, vibrant and pleasantly situated satellite to Nottingham, a fifteen minute tram or cycle ride from the new Steel City House. Yesterday I … Read More »

Fishgirl rising

12 Oct

Given my denunciations of the Guardian, and preference for other sources¬† – OffGuardian, CounterPunch, the Canary, Al-Monitor, Russia Today, Strategic Culture; the Economist even –¬†when seeking to triangulate on what is happening out there, you may look askance at my … Read More »

Steel City Garden of Rest

10 Oct

Also known as Sheffield’s General Cemetery, is nine acres of woodland and curving pathway, grassland, graves and terraced catacombs spilling northward and down from Cemetery Road, with the old snuff mill and Frog Walk to the left, to the grand … Read More »

More autumn leaves

9 Oct

  I write so much on the insanity and venality of the world, yet life is full of endless beauty. I think it the hardest thing to hold, in the same breath, taking in both and overlooking neither, life’s vast … Read More »