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Tunes of the Day stay top right sidebar a few days. Then they’re laid to rest here, in reverse chronology of appearance, like yesterday’s hits on the jukebox. Please report broken links.

She might be in Tangiers, says Bob, but if you see her say hello

Afro-Celtic band Baka Beyond not a million miles from Bath with Topé Malangui Bodé

It’s 1969. Jimi at the Albert Hall can hear his Train A Comin’

Cuba’s Maraca heads the Latin Jazz All Stars in Marciac, France, with Manteca

Many say they’re the most underrated 60s band. Family, and The Weaver’s Answer

No end of covers of this, but Leonard’s strikes a secret chord with me – Tennessee Waltz

Song-around-the-world take on the Grateful Dead’s Ripple

Jackson Browne urges, won’t you Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

It’s 1964 and Irma Thomas is advising, Baby Don’t Look Down

Charlie, who drums no more, takes the Stones All Down the Line

This did much to shape shape Bob’s early image: Positively 4th Street

Dig this dude, though the lyrics be rude. Prince Buster: Wreck A Pum Pum

Montserrat Caballé with Puccini’s O mio babbino caro

Arthur Smith, a telecaster and Guitar Boogie

Germany’s Zoe Wees, just 21. She doesn’t want to lose Control

These haunting ‘scat’ vocals were my intro to Duke Ellington. Creole Love Call

Exquisite. Anastasia Huppmann gives us Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor

The Raconteurs want to know what you gonna do now you’re Old Enough

Primal. Faroese songstress Eivør Pálsdóttir tells of Tròdlabùndin

Folk? Country? Not quite blue grass? Old Crow Medicine Show with Wagon Wheel

Glastonbury 2019. Arlo Parks fears for her Super Sad Generation

Jack Savoretti and Written in Scars

Chicago 1927: tuba and drums turn Satchmo’s Hot 5 into a Hot 7 for Potato Head Blues

Divine sound of the Orthodox Church of Romania. Тело Христово примите

Jazz guitarist Rob Luft and quintet, at the Lescar in Sheffield, say to Expect the Unexpected

Trip-hop from Kazakhstan. Viktor Van River and Word

Daniel Barenboim plays the 1st Movement of Beethoven’s Appassionata

They influenced the Fab 4 no less: Everly Brothers and Cathy’s Clown

Vibesman Bobby Hutcherson has Freddie Hubbard on trumpet for Jasper

Sixty years on it’s lost none of its power. Bob tells us A Hard rain’s a Gonna Fall

Abigail Washburn joins Wu Fei in Vermont to blend Wusuli Boat Song/The Water is Wide

Recorded live in Brixton, it’s Joe Strummer and I fought the law

South Africa songbird Alice Phoebe Lou pays homage to polymath Hedy Lamarr in She

Apocalypse Now. Death visits a Viet village to the sound of Ride of the Valkyries

Chelmsford V Festival 2009. Amy joins the Specials for You’re wondering now

Indonesia’s Munir has a nice little dance-drama thing going with Barong Shy

Muddy Waters in Chicago is joined by Mick, Keef and Ronnie for Baby please don’t go

Tehran based Bomrani have a plea as old as the hills – Don’t leave me

The Stones with something about Wild Horses

Ireland’s Hilary Woods with a magnificent Sever

Seong-Jin Cho with Debussy’s Claire de Lune

Thierry Huillet & Clara Cernat with a Hungarian folk dance from Vittoria Monti – Csárdás

Pseudonymous house/R&B/disco outfit Sault say Don’t Waste My Time

BB King and them Three o’ clock blues

Dory Previn in anti-war mode with Veterans’ Big Parade … Play it again Sam

Arabian Fuzz from French/Egyptian outfit, Al-Qasar – Selma

Time we had some Mongolian Disco, no? This is Muujgai – Loce & 168

About to be shot José Cura, Mario in Puccini’s Tosca, sings his heart out – E lucevan le stelle

Quintet du Hot Club de Greece? Gadjo Dilo play Sou Sfirizo

Grecian folk from the 70s. Arleta sings Aftiachto Ki Astolisto

Black people do we really have to fight? asks Big Youth, on a Train to Rhodesia

Dark swamp blues on a Dobro Duolian. It’s Justin Johnstone again, with Son of a witch

Awesome home studio sound from Justin Johnson and his men – RumbleStrippin’

Final song on the film Calvary, with Brendan Gleeson as the troubled priest, is Subo

If the fab 4 ever put out a B-tune, it passed me by. B-side of Paperback Writer was Rain

Valentina Lisitsa with Liszt’s arrangement of Schubert’s Ave Maria

Diva Dionne. If you see her on the street in tears, she advises, just Walk on by

As tunesmiths go, not even Mozart beats the Fab 4. Here’s Amy with All My Loving

Ella Fitzgerald with Cole Porter’s Anything Goes

From his sublime Light as a Feather: keyboard genius Chick Corea (RIP) is 500 Miles High

Otis Taylor and African Orchestra, plus Jason Ricci’s harmonica, on Mandan Woman

1972. The Stones, still with Mick Taylor, deliver bluesman Robert Johnson’s Love in Vain

John Lennon on the subject of Isolation

Live in Austin, Lucinda Williams laments the loss by senseless shooting of a Drunken Angel

Grainy footage here but the quality shines through. This is Weather Report with Birdland

“Jimi would be impressed”. Octogenarian Elizabeth Cotton does Freight train

Chris Buck asks: was John Lennon a good guitar player?

In the sweet embrace of life, the Wynton Marsalis Septet are filled with the Holy Ghost

July ’63. Beatlemania is here. JFK has 4 months to live. The Crystals sing Then He Kissed Me

The Devils Daughter with a raunchy Rock Boppin’ Baby

A three legend get-together: Wynton, Eric and Taj Mahal Play the Blues

Sinatra called it “the greatest love song of the past 50 years”. Beatle George’s Something

Henry VIII could pen a decent tune. Like Pastyme with good companye

Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky joins soprano Nuria Rial on Monteverdi’s Pur ti Miro

Hootenanny 2015. Cyndi Lauper gets everybody stompin’ on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aided by Jools’s footstompers, Ed Sheeran covers Stevie Wonder’s ode to joy: Masterblaster

From her sublime 1971 album, Blue, Joni Mitchell wishes she had a River

It’s 1948 and Charlie Parker is alto-saxing a White Christmas

George Winston hits the piano for the Holly and the Ivy

No intro needed for Ludwig van B’s Moonlight Sonata

A charming MonaLisa Twins cover of a much loved Kinks tribute to a trannie – Lola

Shivers go down my spine every time I hear it. Ismael Lo – Jammu Africa

Polish klezmer from the Kroke, singer Natasha Atlas and Nigel Kennedy – Ajde Jano

After decades apart, Cream reunite at the Albert Hall, 2005 – Sunshine of your love

Sigvards Kļava directs the Sinfonietta Rīga for Pēteris Vasks’ Fruit of Silence

Think we can pull it off? Some transcendental moment? Leonard Cohen on the Morning Glory

Maestro von Karajan takes the Vienna Philharmonic for the Largo of Dvorak’s New World

Ginger Baker, rejoined by Eric Clapton at the Albert Hall, drums us through Toad

From the land of the rising sun, Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Here’s a ditty from the steel city: Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury with Mardy Bum

All the way from California, Andrew St. James sings of Slap City

Light in Babylon on the streets of Istanbul with Hinech Yafa

Brazilian cool from Milk’n Blues with two classy Stones and Pink Floyd covers

John Williams and the late Julian Bream with Ferdinand Carulli’s sublime Duo in G

Ronnie Wood joins the Corrs for one from the Stones’ back catalogue: Ruby Tuesday

Cindy Cashdollar helps out as Leon Redbone tells of them Old Familiar Blues

Led by cellist and composer Hilary Kleinig, Zephyr Quartet and Great White Bird

The Speakeasy Three with the Swing Ninjas. When I get low I get high

Hyde Park, 2013. The world’s greatest rock ’n roll band still want to Paint it Black

At Hard Rock Cafe, Budapest, Caro Emerald tells of A Night Like This

Milk’n Blues segue from BBK to Gershwin: The thrill is gone … Summertime

Becca Krueger says Hit the road Jack

Mind-blowing. In a Massachusetts backyard Joanna Connor does Walking Blues

Tom Jones joins a for once smiling Van Morrison on I’m Not Feeling it Anymore

For once without fiddle or banjo, it’s Rhiannon Giddens: Shake Sugaree

Aw go on then, Bob – one more cup of coffee for the road

Chick Corea protege Al di Meola joins Paco de Lucia on Mediterranean Sundance

Live in Paris, Anoushka Shankar with Voice of the Moon

London 2013: aided by Tony Soprano’s consiglieri, The Boss is Dancing in the Dark

Ill starred and vastly underrated, 60s band Love do Singing Cowboy

Lynne, Petty, Prince, Winwood and Harrison Junior on While My Guitar gently weeps

The composer himself explains his choices for the theme music for Succession

“Honey can I jump on it some time?” Your brand new Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

2016. Carlos Santana is at the House of Blues in Las Vegas with Samba Pa Ti

Blue grass? Pass. From Saskatchewan via  NYC, The Dead South with Broken Cowboy.

A few more licks like this and she’ll be able to afford shoes! Mean Mary is Blazing

Letters found after Erik Satie’s death inspired Elena Kats-Chernin’s Unsent Love Letters

Eric Dolphy opens his 1964 Blue Note masterpiece, Out to Lunch, with Hat and Beard

China’s Yuja Wang with an energising two minutes forty from Stravinsky’s Petrushka

1988. As the avant garde take to meditation, Tim Wheater offers A Calmer Panorama

Chris Farlowe impressed Otis Redding; Keef ‘n Mick penned this for him: Out of Time

Tony Soprano’s consiglieri looks on as a Melbourne lad joins the Boss on Growing Up

… sit and watch the moon rise over Claddagh, and see the sun go down on Galway Bay

Foot-stomping manic virtuosity – 2Cellos live in Sydney with Rihanna’s We found love

From Bach’s Suite in E minor, Edinburgh’s Sean Shibe gives us Sarabande

Norman Greenbaum wants us to know he’s going up to the Spirit in the Sky

Awesome. France’s Tina S shreds guitar on Ludwig van’s Moonlight Sonata

Viviane Donner gives her all as Atom Pink Floyd Tribute go live with Great Gig in the Sky

Inspired by the Franz Kafka story of that name, Philip Glass’s Metaphorsosis

The ultimate professionals. Come on y’all – have a little Sympathy for the Devil

Chicago Soul from Chess Records: Tony Gideon on The Way You Move Me Baby

lockdown gives new meaning to an ’80s two-tone classic. The Specials – Ghost Town

From Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Lucinda Williams with 2 Kool 2 Be 4-gotten

Most underrated of 60s bands were the Kinks: live here and thinking of the Days

Sketches of Spain was foreshadowed on Kind of Blue with Flamenco Sketches

A taste of West Africa – singer/kora player Sona Jobarteh, live in Budapest with Gambia

“His music is a contributory factor to juvenile delinquency today.” – Elvis and Hound dog

Elkie Brooks, 61 and in magnificent form with – what else? – Pearl’s a Singer

New folk trio, Trials of Cato with Sedi Donka

Ivory Coast born to Malian parents, Fatoumata Diawar in Paris with Nterini

Bob Dylan on Dallas ’63, Beatles and much besides in Murder most foul

Dance? Trance? Ambience? From Russia with love, it’s Balagan and Moonlight

Power from Zimbabwe. The late Chiwoniso Maraire and Zvichapera

We’re back in the ’20s, and Lillian Glinn is Cravin’ a Man

Great voice, great presence. Kate Davis says to Keep an Open Heart

Blues maestro and mesmerising showman, live in ’73 with Hey, Bo Diddley

Life is tough, life is a bust. Oxford duo Cassels on The Queue at the Chemists

New Orleans indie duo, Generationals, with a message of Trust

Symphony Hall: a Dresden Doll reacts to a cell phone going off at a Tchaikovsky recital

Brazilian pianist Eliane Rodrigues hits a stuck pedal at Rotterdam’s De Doelen.

Nigel K and his violin come close to capturing Jimi’s spirit and subtlety on Little Wing.

Ringo joins Robbie for a Song Around the World take on The Weight.

Blogger Caitlin Johnstone’s words, Michael Brunnock’s music: A Blessing for Anyone

Roberta Flack and First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Tuba Skinny on Royal Street, French Quarter of New Orleans, with Jubilee Stomp

Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and others join Roy Orbison on Pretty Woman

Xmas Eve 1914. For a moment, peace breaks out on the Western Front. Silent Night

Mick Foster Group with vocals by Jacqui Dankworth on Changing Fortunes

Exquisite. From Dvorak’s Rusalka, Frederica Von Stade gives us a Song to the Moon

Ain’t no sugaring it. It’ll be a Blue Christmas

The classical guitar greats of our age all looked to him. Andrés Segovia plays Asturias

At 461 Ocean Boulevard, Eric Clapton is giving himself a good talking to in Let it Grow

With the one and only Mick Fleetwood to help keep time, the Corrs Toss the feathers

Grateful Dead’s joyous segue from Not Fade Away to Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

One jazz-classical fusion with mass appeal was George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue 

Sixteen when it came out, I was blown away by John’s vocal power on Instant Karma 

The Arctic Philharmonic with the rousing Rondo from Mozart’s Horn concerto No. 4

It’s Led Zep, Jim – but not as we know it. Yamato String Quartet visit Kashmir

Sámi (Lapp) singer Mari Boine tells of the joy of Arctic spring in Tundra Flower

The Righteous Brothers aided by mad bad Phil Spector on You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

WW1 nostalgia from the Incredible String Band. Darling Belle

All the way from the Netherlands, here’s Unders with Syria

Croatian cellist Stjepan Hauser giving it plenty on Albinoni’s Adagio

Ella Fitzgerald with the Cream’s Sunshine of your love

Tom Jones, Rhiannon Giddens, Jools Holland Orchestra and them St James Infirmary Blues

The sound of folk 2019. Old Sea Brigade (aka Ben Cramer) and Western Eyes

Kathryn Williams covered Hallelujah, Candy Says – and Python Lee Jackson’s Broken Dream

Portishead’s Beth Gibbons as lamenting mother in Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Too fast to live, too young to die. It’s 1975 and Chris Spedding is Motor Bikin’

Rhiannon Giddens: bluegrass from Manchester, Tennessee. You mad at your man, Ruby?

1964. Hard Days Night & Hello Dolly top the charts. The Searchers endure Needles and Pins

Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love has two songs of ambivalence: Cautious Man, and Two Faces

It doesn’t get more poignant than this. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, Killing the Blues

Bizarre, blood soaked disturbance from Asking Alexandria on The Violence

The Boss does Elvis and Stones – Burning Love/Satisfaction

Is the tap dancer Amy? New Orleans Swinging Gypsies and Mahogany Hall Stomp

Flash Mob in a Catalonia town square with something about an Ode to Joy

Dusty is Going Back

Bob is all Tangled up in Blue

Bob Dylan’s searing account of the fitting up of Rubin Carter, aka the Hurricane

The power and piercing vulnerability that put Janis in the 27 Club are laid bare in Cry Baby

Billy Joel – aided by George, Bob, Ringo, Bruce, Mick and others – Saw Her Standing There

Joscho Stephan Trio again, now with Django Reinhardt’s Minor Swing

Getz did more than bossa nova but that gave his lyric tones full vent. This is Samba Triste

Another gem from ECM. Wolfgang Muthspiel Quintet and Rising Grace

Trust me. That lead singer’s bound for greatness. 1965, Them, and Here Comes the Night

Ringo on drums, Billy Preston on keyboard, as John Winston Lennon does God

Joscho Stephan Trio do it accoustic and drop the lyrics but Jimi’s here in spirit for Hey Joe

Astonishing Rhiannon Giddens and Pretty Little Girl With the Blue Dress On

Ry Cooder, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and A Meeting by the river

French jazzman Louis Sclavis and his quartet, live in Vienna with this from Napolis Walls

Sinead’s second album opens with Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer and Feel so different

From the Chess Records vaults, Chuck Berry wants to know why Maybelline can’t be true.

Bass player Eberhard Weber’s Pendulum album is flawless. This is Delirium

Flying to New Orleans I watched The Sting. Think ragtime, Scott Joplin and The Entertainer

Sinead O’Connor, with the heartrending Paddy’s Lament

Here’s Buddy Holly to tell us, as if we needed telling, that Love is Strange

Bon Jovi at their peak at Wembley Stadium with Dry County

Underrated Canadian guitarist Jean Paul Albert. This is Busic Hall

Carolyn Wonderland, Bonnie Raitt and Ain’t Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Lee Moses: this is a song about a Bad Girl

Pink Floyd Mandolin Orchestra: Shine on Crazy Diamond

Virtuoso playing, exquisite melodies. Oud player Anouar Brahem with C’est alleurs

Great song. Great video. The Boss: Tougher than the Rest

Mr Crosby’s last Xmas saw him duet with Mr Bowie: Little Drummer Boy

David Grey with Marc Almond’s Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

Did Mozart ever put a foot wrong? Did Karajan? Here in full is Requiem in D minor

Oliver Nelson’s Blues and the Abstract Truth opens with wickedly Stolen Moments

Eric Satie on Once Upon a Time in Paris

Little Eva urges that we come on, come on and do the Locomotion with her

Amazing Amy (with Paul Weller) pleads: Don’t talk to strangers

Here from 1958, long before Eric Clapton, Johnny Otis is doing the Hand Jive

John Lennon’s post primal therapy farewell to a Mother lost in childhood.

From Officium, 1994, Jan Garbarek and Hilliard Ensemble: Parce Mihi Domine

Blatant 1942 innuendo as Rudy Vallée bids Claudette Colbert Goodnight Sweetheart

The Moody Blues arrangement was a direct steal from that of Bessie Banks’s Go Now

Jimi’s soaringly repeated riff opens and sets the tone for House Burning Down

Some say Henry VIII penned this for John Coltrane: Greensleeves

Joan Baez with a cautionary tale about one Matty Groves

A nobler cause than patriotism. Billy Bragg sings The Internationale

Taste the whip, in love not given lightly. Velvet Underground/Nico – Venus in Furs

Rossini and the Big Lucy demand we make way – that we Largo al factotum

Sledge on, Percy! Here’s Michael Bolton on When a Man Loves a Woman

Ella walks the wayward ways of a wayward town in Cole Porter’s Love for Sale

Keith Jarrett’s legendary 1975 gig in Cologne’s Opera House: the Köln Concert

Leeds shoppers ambushed by Ravel’s Bolero

Gordon Lightfoot on the night Lake Superior claimed the Edmund Fitzgerald

Springsteen’s Cautious Man was an honest man, who wanted to do what was right.

Heartwarming: the love and respect between David and Tina on Tonight

Guys, we’ve all been there. Dr Hook on gatekeeping matriarch, Sylvia’s Mother

Stevie on the subject of Superstition

Nottingham indie trio, London Grammar, with Chris IsaaksWicked Game

Who’d hang around as Danish National Symphony Orchestra do Good, Bad & Ugly?

The Bangles urge us to Walk Like an Egyptian

Ill starred but seriously good Mancunian indie outfit, James. This is Sound

Like Macy G, Norah J and Ms D, David Grey never followed through: This year’s love

What do they want, guys? Cyndi lays it out for us: Girls just wanna have fun

Beck, and something about a Broken Drum

Lucinda, told she couldn’t dispose of her (dead) man in Lake Charles, did it anyway.

Pink Floyd on the subject of Us and Them

1962, Cuba Missile Crisis and a Minnesota boy in NYC is Talking WW3 Blues

Return of Cab Calloway? Lou Bega and Mambo No 5 (A little bit of)

Florence and the Machine: What the Water Gave Me.

Jeff Buckley on that dangerously seductive Lilac Wine

Jane Birkin tells Serge Gainsbourg, je t’aime. Gallantly he replies, moi non plus.

John Lennon’s sardonic ode to the Maharishi, covered by Paul Weller: Sexy Sadie

“IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s troubles melt like lemon drops somewhere over the rainbow

Sinatra says – and not in a shy way – “I did it My Way

Best song ever on sex dialectics? Carol King asks, Will you still love me tomorrow?

RB Greaves covers barefoot Sandie’s first hit. Always something there to remind me

Discovered in my mid teens, I still love Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture

Undisputed king of the lutelike kora, Mali’s Toumani Diabaté live in Seville

Dylan’s fifties Minnesota high school sweetheart was a Girl from the North Country

Etta James: she did powerful, tender – and raunchy. You can leave your hat on

Who’s afraid of John Cage? He wasn’t all avant-garde for 1948’s In a Landscape

Another sultan of swing, Oscar Peterson, plays the Bach Suite

1978. Dire Straits fused Shadows with Grateful Dead to give us Sultans of Swing

Hot Club D’Europe segue from d’Orange Juice into Joseph Joseph

George Winston with The Holly and the Ivy

Mike Oldfield and crew on the best known bit of Tubular Bells: The Bell

Tine to tango. Tine Thing Helseth’s trumpet on Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango

Julian Bream with his Memories of the Alhambra

Bryan Ferry and a high octane crew, live in Lyon, suggest we Stick Together

Joan Baez with a tale of woe from Olde England – Geordie

Two of Canada’s finest. Diana Krall covers Joni Mitchell’s A Case of You

Annie Lennox, live. She wants to know Why …

After Astral Weeks, Van Morrison gave us Moondance to take us Into the Mystic

Last word in serene minimalism? That’ll be Arvo Pärt with Spiegel im Spiegel

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord! Big Youth + Proverbs 12:22 = Natty Dread

Guys, you want your cake and eat it? Better fix that Lipstick on your collar

Unsurprisingly, given rooftop venue, John Lennon pleads: Don’t Let Me Down

Chamber jazz at its ECM finest. Tord Gustavson Trio with some Deep Love

Grand Pianola from American minimalist, John Adams:  On the Dominant Divide.

Terry meets Julie … What’s that you say? Greatest pop song of the 60s? Agreed

Inverted snob? False consciousness? John meant the latter in Working Class Hero

Cocteau Twins: nonsense lyrics that always sounded classy. This is Iceblink Luck

Throaty staccato from Gene Pitney in life changing motel just 24 Hours from Tulsa

UK Election 2017. It’s Captain SKA wot (nearly) done it, with Liar Liar

From banal domesticity, Ms Mercury and the girls just Want to Break Free

Creedence Clearwater Revival coming home soon – Long As I Can See the Light

Lisa Hannigan, like her compatriot Sinead, does Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U

Jimmy Dean’s 1961 tale of a man you didn’t give no lip to: Big Bad John

Marvin Gaye, live at Montreux, on how he Heard it through the Grapevine

Robert Ridley, Grandpa Elliott and musicians across the world: Dock of the Bay

Bugger Orff! Here’s Philip Pickett et al  with their take on Carmina Burana

Mozart’s Turkish March meets electronica with the Tribal version

Barnsley oldsters tell Pretenders they can’t go to the gig: No brass in us pockets

Tenor Jussi Björling, baritone Robert Merrill and Bizet’s Pearl Fishers’ Duet

Glittering word play, dark misogyny. Eminem (with Dido) does Stan

Adele’s question is as old as love forgotten: Don’t you remember?

Trippy surrealism in the visuals for the fab four’s Strawberry Fields

Uganda’s Geoffrey Oryema is joined by Peter Gabriel for Land of Anaka

Malvina Reynolds, not Pete Seeger, penned this ode on bourgeois Little Boxes

How could someone this good not follow through? Macy Gray, 2000: I Try

Incontestably the greatest ever Dylan cover. Jimi’s All along the Watchtower

A taste of Cambodia, this: Khmer Surin

Lucinda Williams showing how classy Country can be. This is Greenville

From the eighties and Philip Glass’s sumptuous Songs from the Trilogy: Protest

Jake Thackray on unspeakable pagan rites at the Castleford Ladies Magical Circle

One of the lighter moments in the film Deliverance was Dueling Banjos

Dame Sutherland’s take too mannered? Try Enya’s Marble Halls

Mozart’s Figaro: Barenboim glides East-West Divan through its blazing Overture

Trane knew how to strip the syrup from melodic gems: My Favourite Things

Another old factory Mahogany Session. Colouring: Everything has Grown

High octane duo The Proclaimers can do poignant too: Act of Remembrance

We love this! Christine and the Queens dance on a block to Tilted

Strand of Oaks with Radio Kids

From sound/venue specialists Mahogany Sessions: Rag’n Bone Man, Bitter End

David’s cover of John’s Across the Universe

Janis Joplin, whose own Summertime burned brief but bright .

People bowed and prayed to the neon gods they’d made. S & G: Sound of Silence

Men at arms: the late great Leonard Cohen mines a familiar theme in The Partisan

Irish songbird Lisa Hannigan in an East London factory: Prayer for the Dying

First aired on BBC’s Peaky Blinders: Cohen’s 2016 title track, You Want it Darker

AIDS benefit, Red Hot & Blue. Debbie and Iggy do Cole Porter’s Did You Evah

John McLaughlin & Zakir Hussain with an unnamed piece from Shakti

Happened on while travelling in Rajasthan in 2016: Kalibelia folk

Wynton Marsalis pays homage to Jelly Roll Morton: New Orleans Bump

Gertrude Lawrence cuts glass on Cole Porter’s lyric genius: The Physician

George Winston’s arrangement of JS Bach’s sublime Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Brit soulster Michael Kiwanuka with the title song of 2016 release, Love and Hate

New York based Peurto Ricans, Balún, with Camila

“We’d all play like Stan Getz if we could”, said Trane. This is Samba Triste

Too didactic by half but Dory Previn had her moments: Lady with the Braid

Poetic licence in Shaffer’s take on what inspired Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria

40 years on, live in Rome, Bruce Springsteen revisits NYC Serenade

Maura O’Connell & Karen Matheson follow WB Yeats down by the Sally Gardens

Cohen rasps eloquent on the Johnny Walker wisdom running high at Closing Time

Some like it hot – not Curtis, Lemon & Monroe but 70s dubster, Big Youth

National anthem? Here’s Edith Piaf with a real one from the Paris Commune

Sonny wrote it for Cher. Nancy sang it too. Lady Gaga: Bang Bang My Baby shot ..

Unnamed Azerbaijani orchestra with catchy take on Floyd’s Brick in the Wall

Dave Brubeck Quartet with one of jazz’s best loved tunes: Take Five

Larry Williams on the legendary Chess label with My Baby’s Got Soul

The Beach Boys with – what else? – Good Vibrations

Mick & John do fun intro to a Lennon song with unusual line-up: Yer Blues

Garbarek, Metheny et al pay tribute to a bass ace: Hommage à Eberhard Weber

1960 footage of the Shadows in terrific form with Apache

In Japan it’s a recognised illness. So tell us, Zola Jesus, about Hikikomori 

From Gerry Mulligan’s 1971 classic, Age of Steam: K-4 Pacific

Lemonade pies & living bra? Gotta be John Fred with Judy in Disguise

John Renbourne with Donne’s metaphysical conceits on fickle womanhood: Song

You couldn’t call it soul, you have to call it heart. Sinead says Thank you

Art Pepper, from Intensity 1960: I can’t believe you’re in love with me

Mancunian indie band James, vocalist Tim Booth hitting the high notes in Laid

Ravi Shankar’s love child, Norah J, with her seductive waltz, Come Away With Me

Amy: she told you she was trouble, you know that she’s No Good

60’s icon Julie Driscoll works wonders with Donovan’s Season of the Witch

Tepidity in love damned by Ismael Lo & Marianne Faithful: Without Blame 

Penguin Cafe with Helen Lieberman’s soul-stirring cello: Prelude & Yodel

Its spit venom was the rock shock of ’65. Bob Dylan: Positively 4th Street

South Koreans Sumi Jo and Ah-Kyung with Léo Delibes’ exquisite Flower Duet

Ethiopian star Gigi sings Balewashintu

Charles Mingus, jazzman with a sense of drama. This is Pithecanthropus Erectus

Leonard Cohen is caught in the grip of an Undertow

The Animals did this better than Nina: Please Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood

Get verse 2. I don’t think the censors did! Cab Calloway and Minnie the Moocher

Alabama Shakes, led by Brittany Howard, do Hold on

Late great Eva Cassidy: secular gospel on Pete Seeger’s Had I a Golden Thread

Johnny Thunder & his ladies kick wellie into an old nursery rhyme: Loop De Loop

Alpine scene from Cabaret. 1933: a Hitler Youth sings Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Heavy metal men Disturbed with another cover of Paul Simon’s Sound of Silence

1967 saw rock masterpieces like Forever Changes. Arthur Lee: You Set the Scene

“I can hold a note longer than Caruso”. Boy Bob Dylan and Freight Train Blues

The late great David Bowie in Tokyo: Rock ‘n Roll Suicide

From The Rising, Springsteen’s album on 9/11: You’re Missing

G.G. Yunupingnu – so good he got two slots running: History (I Was Born Blind)

The incredible sound of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Wiyatha and Bapa

Bags of Rock ditch lyrics in barnstorming Hootenanny take on Whisky in the Jar

Thanks to Richard of Wakefield for this: Bon Iver at Air Studios

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen? When MJQ do it, it’s England’s Carol

Beyoncé does to Sex on Fire what Jimi did to All Along the Watchtower

Kings of Leon on Jools Holland Show do Sex on Fire

Garbarek, McLaughlin, Hari Prasad Chaurasia & Zakir Hussain Making Music

Steve Earl’s tale of one family defying two Prohibitions: Copperhead Road

Faure’s Requiem: lighter than Wolfie’s but, well, to die for: Sanctus, Pie Jesu ..

Hyde Park, 2012. McCartney joins Springsteen for two of the Beatles’ earliest.

Susheela Raman with a fine cover of Joan Armatrading’s Save Me

Inspired by Mikhail Sholokhov, Joan Baez asks Where have all the Flowers Gone?

Miles was so fond of this putdown he made it the opener to Kind of Blue: So What

BBC Panorama pinched the Karelia by Sibelius. This is the intermezzo.

Afroman’s morality tale is steeped in remorse, and all because he got high

Striking miners, reight brassed off tha knows, do t’ Lone Ranger.

Sonny’s Lettah from Brixton Jail brings bad news to a mother in Jamaica.

Scandi-noir fans know this one. Choir of Young Believers and their Hollow Talk

If I love you, watch out!  Elina Garanca, as sex terrorist Carmen, does Habanera

Tunisian oud player Anouar Brahem, La Pas du Chat Noir

Greatest rock’n roll band in the world? Gimme shelter!

Jennifer Warnes duels with Leonard Cohen on Joan of Arc

La Fiesta: Stan Getz blows for Spain as Chick Corea smokes the keyboard.