The myth of CV-19

23 Apr

Here’s a full list of postal districts for the Coventry (CV) postal area:

Granted, when I checked three other postal areas – Sheffield, Nottingham and Slough – they too showed gaps in the district numbering.

Still, makes you wonder, innit? Is this whole ‘pandemic’ thing a scam? If so, the perps should be sent to Coventry.

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  1. The most convincing evidence produced so far.

    Now we have put that one to bed would it be too much to ask that the self appointed official Vanguard ‘Left’ ©️ perhaps focus at the very least a little bit of attention to the collapsing market bubble (oil futures dipping to $-37 a barrel), over a decade of stock buybacks producing a zombie economy with zombie institutions, corporations, banks, and markets etc, along with the printing of yet more free fiat money out of thin air for these parasites?

    Or are we going to see yet more wall to wall diversionary articles into infinity on the theme of how the GFC of 2008, the dot com bubble of the early 2000’s, the 1987 crash and the Depression of the 1920-s and 30s were all the result of a claimed over reaction to Covid-19 rather than the contradictions and systemic inbuilt failures of Capitalism?

    Perhaps we should just save us sens future grief and time for when the Austerity II bill for all this is presented (scrapping of the pensions triple lock?; retirement at 80?; minimum 72 hour week?; return of the workhouse and the Parish Guardians?; the Poor Law/Vagrancy Act? etc) – courtesy of such diversions – by going to’ t top o’t stairs and throwing us sens onto’t spike railings straight away rather than waiting?

    Seems some people need a up their backside to do what is claimed on the tin.

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