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  1. A cartoon/picture which more succinctly describes the BTL observation made almost a year ago on this blog site:

    Rebrand and relabel something as “left” or “progressive” and it’s possible to enforce and get away with any old reactionary policies and behaviours.

    Which results in what can only be described as ‘dishonest political grifters’ kicking the arse out of a concept as described in this trio of related blog posts from another site which refuses to bow to the self indulgent onanism taking place here …

    Which reports on the adoption of a candidate selection process by a Political Party for reserved seats where (to paraphrase from a direct quote in the first of the above three links)::

    First place in these list seats will go those who self identify as Disabled and BAME.

    With, apparently, no checks.

    This despite, what was no doubt expensive, legal advice from a QC this would likely be found illegal if challenged in court under the Equalities Act.

    Even the intervention of someone registered disabled – second link above – pointing out the bleedin’ obvious scope for abuse failed to prevent the twelve year old management clones who come up with such divisive and regressive right wing dressed up and rebranded as “progressive” notions from twisting the argument to suit themselves – third link above.

    The basis of which is clearly the circular and and self-serving argument/position/approach that:

    A. simply subjectively stating that no one will ever abuse this is sufficient to make it so;

    B. Anyone who attempts to present actual objective evidence either to the contrary or to prove the opposite is the case will be shouted down by the mob, villified as some kind of “phobic”, and hounded out of their employment.

    Because those pushing this reactionary twaddle seem to have self indulgently decided that rather than engaging with objective reality – requiring a level of maturity conveniently jettisoned – it’s much easier to redefine away objective reality in favour of whatever subjective reality exists in their heads.

    Which is why the powerful have no problem with it. It divides the opposition to the growing inequality and suppression of a swathe of basic fundamental and other rights and survival needs by salami slicing every characteristic to the nth degree in a classic race to the bottom hierarchy of oppression.

    Little wonder the powerful and the institutions they control, from charities and NGO ‘s right through to legal, media and political institutions and organisations are supporting such reactionary wolf in sheep’s clothing ideologies.

    It’s like being back at work where years and decades of experience are discounted and devalued as not in keeping with “modern” (in this case read “progressive”(sic)) management thinking. So you end up being abused as a”boomer” or a “dinasour” by people of zero experience, knowledge and expertise and even less tolerance who simply, and idly, project their own behaviour onto anyone who has the temerity to challenge their peurile world view.

    We seem to have gone beyond the situation portrayed in the film ‘Idiocracy”and arrived straight into the deliberately myopic dystopia of a ‘pureocracy.’

    (pulls up a deckchair, barrel of wine, and giant tub of popcorn – or should that be gallon of Magnet, packet of Woodbine, good pinch of snuff and greasy chip butty? – to watch the ensuing shit show as what remains of the “left” enthusiasticly grabs with both hands the weapon gleefully provided by the powerful to blow it’s own head off. After all, some mug’s got to sweep up the mess afterwards).

  2. Yeah. Wings is quite good on the strange corruption in the Scottish Government, as is Craig Murray.

    As for the ‘Left’ – I can only assume that conditions aren’t right, right now – maybe in twenty years, when the trouble really ticks in. But by that time we’ll have to start from scratch again

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