Red Rosa

8 Mar

For International Women’s Day, here’s a plug for a wonderful graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg. Reviewing it in late 2015, I wrote:

if we’re talking womanhood celebrated, here’s a rare treat for feminist and socialist alike. Red Rosa by Kate Evans is a work of flat out brilliance; a fuller story of a great life than I’d thought to see. Rosa’s mighty spirit and towering intellect – both much in evidence as she took on Lenin, no less, over the nationalist question – shine through every page, as do the ups and downs of a tempestuous love life integral to one whose eloquence on dialectics did not shy from those of individual and society, personal and public. The whole story is in beautiful, monochrome graphics.

Click on image for purchase details.

2 Replies to “Red Rosa

  1. Right on! Rosa Luxembourg is one of my heroes/heroines (not sure what the accepted terminology is these days). What immense courage and conviction she had. There should be statues of her all over Europe, but of course there aren’t.

    • Aye. Though it’s possibly even money that in the current (possibly manufactured?) culture war climate the Pureocracy would be cancelling and tearing down such statues?

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