This morning on Stanage Edge

4 Aug

This used to be a two hour hike from my door at Hunters Bar, Sheffield: the walk itself a delight known as the Porter Valley. Now it’s seventy minutes up the M1. Worth it though. This morning I was on the edge a shade after nine. I got the pictures to prove it.


3 Replies to “This morning on Stanage Edge

  1. You certainly know how to take a picture and tell a story with them. Th scenery was breath taking and the kestrel a wonderful bonus.
    Many thanks.

    • I have to go back to the seventies for the last of a handful of times I cycled up there from Sheffield proper, but right up to a few years ago you might have caught me extending my near daily woofer walk up the Porter to Forge Dam, by pressing onto Ringinglowe. And if I had the time and was really in the mood, with or without canine company, I might further extend things to take in Burbage and Stanage.

      Wonderful to have such first class countryside on the doorstep!

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