Julian Assange on Afghanistan

19 Aug

The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.

All the focus is on Julian as a whistle-blower. While systemically corrupt media led by the Guardian did their level worst to traduce and bleed support for him …

… a vengeful DC on the one hand, a craven London, Stockholm and Canberra on the other, turned morality on its head – and drove a coach and horses through hallowed precepts of jurisprudence – in their determination to punish and make a global example of the hero who revealed to those paying attention the true face of Empire.

But this man did more than show us the bottomless extent of evil so depraved that most people are unable – massively aided in this by the disabling function of said media – to believe it.

That is no small thing when not one Wikileak has been shown to be wrong. Or even, for all the intensity of Washington’s motives to do so – and for all the near limitless resources it can bring to bear on that enterprise – contested. Facts, unlike narratives, are stubborn things.

But as well as being a courageous speaker of truth to power, Julian Assange is a perceptive and highly intelligent analyst. In a recent post I briefly summarised the reasoning of those who say that, though the gains of imperialism are laundered in Virgin Island accounts to benefit the few, the costs are borne by taxpayers who are many. It matters not to those who rule whether their wars and other overheads are ‘justified’ by the rewards.

A gathering of dutiful stewards

But for the most powerful criminals – men and women who, far from fearing the law, make and abuse it as expedience dictates – offshore banks are not the only way to launder loot. Here’s 28 seconds of Julian, back in 2011 on the subject of Afghanistan. As you listen to this soundbyte, do bear in mind that he is no motormouth, carried away by his own rhetoric. Julian Assange has the facts to support all he says.

And facts, unlike narratives, are stubborn things.

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