China’s carbon footprint

12 Nov

Is there no shabby trick too low in the sinophobic outpourings of every segment – ‘quality’ as much as tabloid, financial as much as generalist – of the West’s  corporate media?

Hong Kong based Nuri Vitachi, cited in my post on the contemptible Dune the movie slur, calls out – in a letter to the FT – the disingenuous but routinely made claim that China is the world’s leading carbon emitter.

2 Replies to “China’s carbon footprint

  1. One of my continuous battles throughout my teaching career was getting students to understand the difference between absolute quantities and rates. Most people struggle with this vital difference; journalists and politicians deliberately so, as suits.

    • Exactly, Keith. But more alarming than that absolute/relative confusion – mendacious or ignorant as the case may be – is the failure to see the glaringly obvious. China is being traduced precisely and solely because of its challenge to Western profits at large, dollar hegemony in particular.

      If we weren’t so taken in by our corporate media – its corruption explored yet again in a recent post on the Facebook ‘whistleblower’ – the concerted attacks would be so obvious!

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