Selfishness in 4 easy steps

16 Nov

Seen just now on Facebook. It came with the caption:

Please don’t allow yourself to become the person on the left.


To be fair, we don’t know Mr Left’s side of the story. Maybe Mr Right murdered Mr Left’s kids and only got six months because the judge was drunk. In which case we might still disapprove of Mr Left’s selective snow-shovelling, but call it six of one and half a dozen of the other.


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  1. It’s a reasonable interpretation to make. Though the scene depicted could also operate as a metaphor for the energy crisis currently about to engulf Europe in general and Germany in particular.

    Which is simply a convenient introduction, using the theme of the onset of the annual season of cold weather in he picture, to highlight Pepe Escobar’s latest observations:

    The European energy executive did not mince his words on a quite possible scenario: “If Germany does not obtain their oil and natural gas by land now they cannot fashion a fall back position, as there is not sufficient LNG capacity or oil for that matter to supply the EU this winter. They are going to freeze. Much of their economy will be forced to shut down. Unemployment will soar. It would take four years to build up LNG capacity for natural gas but who will build it for them?”

    A potential realistic scenario which will doubtless result in a fresh spring in the step of many of those who supported the UK exit from the EU, as well as providing further propaganda fuel for a rise in jingoistic sentiments which are part and parcel of the Great Game. All egged on and manufactured, of course, by a one dimensional corporate media more concerned with whose doing what to whom rather than any kind of recognisable set of principles – see Glen Greenwald’s latest observations on that phenomenon in regard to the examples of Project Veritas and the Rittenhouse trial.

    A headline quote from a UK Government source last week reassured the populace that there will be plenty of Turkeys to go round this Christmas.

    They got that right. In ways they’ve probably not yet got around to imagining.

    • the scene depicted could also operate as a metaphor for the energy crisis currently about to engulf Europe

      Yes, that’s how my profoundly analytic brain read this image, a nanosecond after first encountering it!

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