Getting real about Ukraine

27 Jun

I won’t be saying much in this post; rather, handing over to others. Followers of this site over the past four to six months know of my insistence that it’s just plain stupid to suppose that Ukraine coverage by corporate … Read More »

The invisibility of empire

25 Jun

Modern imperialism, as distinct from direct rule colonialism, is defined by the export of monopoly capital from global north to global south, and repatriation of profits from south to north. This later form of exploitation came to prominence in the … Read More »

What price US nukes? $80k a minute!

17 Jun

Appearing this morning on WSWS: US squanders $80,000 every minute on nuclear weapons The United States spends over $80,000 every single minute on nuclear weapons, more than every single country in the world combined, according to a new report by the … Read More »

Who beat the drums for Dear Prudence?

6 Jun

John wrote this in Rishikesh for Prudence Farrow, sister of Mia (aka  Mrs Sinatra newly divorced, Mrs Previn in waiting and, most toxically, Mrs Allen in the dim and distant). Prudence was, in Mr Lennon’s  opinion, spending too much time … Read More »