Three China reads: 3, Global reach

18 Apr

There’s a reason for my three China posts. To say I’m alarmed by the sinophobic bellicosity from Washington and its satellites, my country included, would be a gross understatement. In all the world’s likeliest flash points for World War 3 … Read More »

Helen McCrory

17 Apr

Despite its being (a) preposterous, (b) amoral and (c) reactionary in more ways than I’ve time to spell out, I’m a huge fan of Peaky Blinders. Larger than life characterisations by actors at the top of their game, edge-of-seat melodrama, … Read More »

Three China reads: 2, Democracy

12 Apr

My previous post, on Roderic Day’s 7,000 word response to allegations of China’s persecution of its Muslim Uighur population, contains the following: Polling of Chinese citizenry by Dalia Research reveals that “73% of Chinese consider China to be democratic whereas … Read More »

Three China reads: 1, the Uighurs

11 Apr

Silence? What silence? Few things are more predictable than the demonising by corporate media of ‘regimes’ which obstruct, directly or indirectly, the will of Wall Street. But while the general truth of this is widely acknowledged by Western intellectuals, its … Read More »

Russia’s record of aggression

10 Apr

Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Oops – did I say Russia? My bad. I meant of course the USA. * And before Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Here’s Major-General Smedley-Butler in 1933. * * *

Syria Ten Years On

8 Apr

For socialists and internationalists (and how can you be the one without being the other?) the only thing more dismaying than the ability of ‘our’ power-serving media to whip The People into a frenzy of Orwellian loathing for manufactured bêtes … Read More »

Malcolm X on the media

7 Apr

It’s a fundamental with me that whomever ‘our’ media, debased for reasons given many times on this site – here for instance – vilify or sanctify, I take a good hard look at them. And when I do, I ask: … Read More »