Cheerleading for WW3

24 Nov

Have you noticed how folk with zero military experience have an uncanny knack for being front of the queue in promoting wars for others to fight? Last night I checked the profile of historian and Guardian columnist Timothy Garton Ash. … Read More »

UK responses to Hunt’s budget

19 Nov

There’s no remorse for George Osborne’s austerity that stripped the country bare and wiped 1% off GDP. Instead, here comes the austerity reprise, but far worse now that the Tories are cutting spending on skeleton services in a state of collapse. … Read More »

Straight talking on Cop27

12 Nov

I don’t much write about capitalism’s trashing of planet earth, and when I do it’s usually in the context of more general assessments of the life-negating fallout from its non-negotiable and truly totalitarian prioritising of profits over every other consideration. … Read More »